Classic Filipino Commercials

10 Classic Filipino Commercials Every ’90s Kid Will Remember

Before everyone got hooked to Game of Thrones and Pokémon Go, ’90s kids first got crazy about Filipino commercials on television. Yep, a couple of years ago, TVCs were memorable and definitely worth watching over and over.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to remember a few classic Filipino commercials that are sure to bring nostalgia to any ’90s kid!

1McDo’s Karen Po

It was heartbreaking every time Lolo mentioned Gina. But it was worth watching after hearing that Karen was his favorite.

2Purefoods Tender Juicy’s Goodbye Carlo

Food trumps boys every. single. time.

Quick Trivia: Chantal Umali, the adorable chubby girl in the TVC, is now a mom and a very fit yoga enthusiast.

3Sprite’s I Love You Piolo

This commercial was Toni G’s claim to fame. Thanks, Piolo!

4Coca-Cola’s Sabay Sabay Beat

This one certainly sent us challenging our best friends to do the Sabay Sabay Beat at the school canteen.

5Master Facial Cleanser’s Sikreto ng Mga Gwapo

Oh, our beloved Rico Yan. <3

6Jollibee’s I Love You Sabado

This happy little bee is certainly every Filipino kid’s favorite. And, thankfully, the now-adult ’90s kids no longer have to wait until Saturday to get their cravings satisfied.

7Milo’s Milo A Day

Now, this is a great tribute to every Filipino Olympian competing in Rio and those who competed in previous Olympic games.

8Coca-Cola’s Christmas

These Coca-Cola TVCs are always something we look forward to come Christmas time. Seeing them on TV certainly marks the start of everyone’s favorite holiday season!

9PLDT’s Supportahan Ta Ka

This is perfect for anyone at a crossroad. Doesn’t it also remind you a bit of Smart’s new Facebook Request TVC?

10Ovaltine’s Masarap Pa Rin

Can’t deny it—Ovaltine is delicious, with or without water.

If you enjoyed those, here are a few more classic Filipino commercials to look back to.

Did we just bring back your childhood? What were your favorite classic Filipino commercials? Let us know and let’s be nostalgic together!

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