craziest moments of 2016
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10 Craziest Moments Of 2016: From WOW To WTF

To say that this year has been an eventful one is an understatement. Just thinking about the craziest moments of 2016 is already tiring! Controversial leaders were put into power. Iconic personalities passed on. Some celebrities got their due. Others made headlines with their personal lives. Our eyes rolled, our heads turned. Our hearts raced, and then got broken.

Maybe it’s because it was a leap year and some astrological shit caused all the uproar. Maybe humankind was just due for a wake-up call. Whatever the reason (if there even is one) for the year turning out as it did, all we know is: 2016 was exciting, exhausting, and we’re approaching the end of it with a huge sigh of relief.

As we say goodbye to the year that was, here’s one more look back at the craziest moments of 2016:

1Leo’s first Oscar

leonardo dicaprio oscar

It may be weird for us to be given everything we’ve ever wanted and call it crazy, but then again, that’s 2016 for you. In February, Leo finally won his first Oscar for his almost-wordless performance in The Revenant. This to the relief and sheer joy of his fans around the world. It may have taken six nominations (the first one being over two decades ago) and millions of memes, but our beloved Leo finally got what he deserved. However many things went wrong this year, it at least started with one thing going right.

2The end of Brangelina

brangelina divorce
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Brangelina have been #couplegoals for over a decade. With their multi-racial, globe-trotting family, philanthropic efforts, and candid awards show moments, people fell in love with them right away. Their dreamy wedding in 2014 all but sealed them in power couple-dom. So it was definitely one of the craziest moments of 2016 when this September, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. It had only been two years and a month after their wedding, too. While the reasons behind the divorce are still unclear, one thing’s for sure: walang forever, especially in Hollywood.

3The Pokémon Go craze

pokemon go philippines

Millennials actually leaving the house to go take a walk in the real world might just be one of the craziest moments of 2016. Of course, we owe it all to a single game: Pokémon Go. The game combines novelty and nostalgia as it puts an AR spin on every ’90s kid’s favorite cartoon. Released in July, the game now counts over 500 million downloads and counting. And while the hype has died down since its release, dedicated trainers are still out there, trying to catch ‘em all.

4The Great Barrier Reef obituary

great barrier reef dead

In October 2016, Outside magazine shocked the world with an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef. The article caught everyone’s attention right off the bat with its opening line: “The Great Barrier Reef of Australia passed away in 2016 after a long illness. It was 25 million years old.” Needless to say, it went viral on social media. Its sobering claim made people pay more attention to the state of the ocean. Of course, scientists have since debunked obituary’s claim. They clarified that while 93% of the reef is affected by bleaching, it is not too late to save it.

5The ozone layer fixes itself

While this year gave us alarming environmental concerns, it also brought us a tiny ray of hope. Yes, global warming is still all too real. (FYI, this year recorded the highest temperatures in the history of ever). But scientists did announce in June that the hole in the ozone layer has gotten significantly smaller. This means that the earth’s layer of protection from the sun is starting to heal itself. That doesn’t mean that we can all let our guards down, though. If anything, it means that our efforts do matter, and we should keep trying to protect the environment at all costs.

6We win the West Philippine Sea

west philippine sea hugot
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After a long and dramatic dispute, the Philippines finally won the West Philippine Sea. In July, the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in favor of the Philippines in our case against China, thereby proving that the disputed territory indeed belongs to us. The ruling comes as a victory after three years of our ships being bullied by China’s. The battle is not entirely won, however, as Asian neighbors just chose to snub the ruling. Still, at least now the world knows who the West Philippine Sea really belongs to.

7The year of iconic deaths

miriam defensor santiago death
Image Credit: Dane Alegana via Flickr

This year, it’s as if the grim reaper copied his to-do list off of Time’s 100 most influential people. It started with David Bowie succumbing to cancer in January, shortly followed by Alan Rickman. Since then, we’ve seen the demise of Harper Lee, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Bill Cunningham, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Leonard Cohen, and Fidel Castro—to name a handful.

8The Philippine presidential elections

philippine presidential elections 2016
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duterte meme
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Every election is bound to be a shitshow to some degree, and this year’s was no exception. From all the mudslinging, annoying campaign jingles, roadshows that caused hours in traffic, it was definitely stressful, especially for the voting public. Even as the votes were being tallied, allegations of cheating kept the May elections controversial right to the very end.

9Trump as US president

funny donald trump

How a businessman with no political background and a record of making racist and misogynist comments won a presidential election in the most powerful country in the world is a mystery. Perhaps the even bigger mystery is what Trump’s America will look like once he assumes power in January.

10A dictator at the Heroes’ Cemetery

marcos burial
Image Credit: Ambula via Facebook

After a crazy election, a crazy political landscape can only be expected. Since the new administration took control, we have had our fair share of WTF moments, from the laughable to the downright depressing. One of the craziest moments of 2016 has to be the controversial burial of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Heroes’ Cemetery. The announcement of the burial quickly sparked heated debates both online and offline. The actual burial, which was held ninja-style and without notice to the public, caused an even bigger commotion. The rallies and counter-rallies that ensued even led to the filing of a bill in the Senate against online sexual harassment.

If the craziest moments of 2016 are any indication, the world is definitely in for some major upheavals in the foreseeable future. Whatever is coming, we hope it’s good because we are tired! But if it’s not, we at least have memes, alcohol, and a new season of Game of Thrones to get us through these strange, crazy times.


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