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10 Postcard-Perfect Lighthouses In The Philippines

People develop a penchant for collecting pictures from their adventures, whether these are from their latest trip or the newest food spot. However, something unique that you might not see every day on your feed is the multiple lighthouses in the Philippines. It makes perfect sense when you live in a country with the fourth longest coastline in the world. Viewing seascapes in its most natural form is breathtaking especially when there’s a lighthouse that breaks the continuity. Everything about it seems like the entire panorama has been lifted from a postcard.

Try chasing lighthouses in the new year ahead of us and explore them one at a time with this list of beautiful lighthouses in the Philippines!

1Cape Engaño Lighthouse (Palaui Island, Cagayan)

cape engano lighthouse palaui island
Image Credit: @covenant_kid via Instagram

On the northeastern tip of Luzon lies the beautiful island of Palaui, just off the coast of mainland Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Palaui Island had made its name as one of the top Philippine destinations when the international reality show Survivor taped several seasons on the island. Watch the mighty waves come crashing onto the rocks and the majestic view of the seas near the Dos Hermanas Islands.

How to Get to Palaui Island

To get to Palaui Island, fly to Tuguegarao City and take a three-hour van ride to San Vicente Port in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. When you reach the port, head to the tourism office to book your 20-minute boat ride going to Palaui. Here, you can also book your boat rental for the entire trip. From Punta Verde in Palaui, you can either have a two-hour trek via Lagunzad trail or Leonardo trail to reach the lighthouse or take a 30-minute boat ride to the foothill and a 30-minute trek to the top. After visiting the lighthouse, you can top off your day with a swim at Anguib Cove.

2Batanes Lighthouses (Batanes)

If you’ve never been to Batanes before, wait until you see not one, not two, but three beautiful lighthouses. Perched on Naidi Hills, Basco Lighthouse is the most popular for its central location and gives tourists a 360-degree panorama of the West Philippine Sea, Mt. Irayat and Basco town. Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao is a hexagonal structure that is less accessible to tourists but offers an equally beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It stands tall and mighty on a hill at the Batan Island. Sabtang Lighthouse gives tourists a postcard-worthy moment as you see it standing prominently on a cliff during your boat ride to the serene town. It is unique compared to other lighthouses because it is made of well-arranged rubble.

How to Get to Batanes

To get to Batanes from Manila, take a flight going to Basco via Philippine Airlines or SkyJet. It will take about one hour and 15 minutes. You can rent a bicycle, motorcycle, or a tricycle going to Basco Lighthouse. As for the Tayid Lighthouse, board a jeepney to Mahatao from Basco. Take the tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off there. To visit Sabtang Lighthouse, take a 30-minute boat ride to Sabtang Island from Ivana Port.

3Cape Bojeador Lighthouse / Burgos Lighthouse (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

cape bojeador lighthouse burgos
Image Credit: @vanessasdfghjkl via Instagram

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (also called Burgos Lighthouse or Faro Cabo Cape Bojeador) is a cultural heritage with its century-old standing structure that has guided many galleons since the Spanish era. Located on Vigia de Nagparitan, it welcomes you with a panoramic view of Babuyanes Channel and South China Sea. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is both a national cultural treasure and national historical landmark. To this day, the 65-foot beauty is still functioning and is frequently visited by tourists. There is also a small museum nearby.

How to Get to Burgos

To get to Burgos from Manila, take a 12-hour bus ride to Laoag or fly to Laoag via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. Take an hour’s bus ride to Burgos from Laoag then take a tricycle to the lighthouse.

4Guisi Lighthouse (Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)

guisi lighthouse guimaras
Image Credit: @karlamyeh via Instagram

Like many lighthouses in the Philippines, this second oldest lighthouse was erected during the Spanish rule sometime in the 18th century. Sometimes referred to as Faro de Punta Luzaran, this octagon-shaped lighthouse once served its purpose by guiding seafarers in the Iloilo-Guimaras strait. There are actually three lighthouses in this area of Barangay Dolores, Nueva Valencia. The most popular one that you will see in pictures is a 58-foot rusty tower next to a dilapidated colonial outpost. There is a nearby defunct lighthouse built on steel trusses during the 1920s and gave way to the third one. Among the three, this is the most modern with its all-white structure that awkwardly sticks out from its surroundings. Top off your day by taking a quick dip in nearby Guisi Beach.

How to Get to Nueva Valencia

To get to Barangay Dolores in Nueva Valencia, fly to Iloilo City. Take a cab from the city to Ortiz Port. From there, take a 15-minute ferry ride going to Jordan Wharf in Guimaras Island. Upon your arrival, coordinate with the tourism officer on going to Guisi Beach. Ask for a tourist map that can help you out especially getting around the area. Take a jeep going to Nueva Valencia and ask the driver to drop you off at Guisi Beach.

5North Gigantes Lighthouse (Carles, Iloilo)

gigantes norte lighthouse
Image Credit: @cheldevilla via Instagram

Located on the Gigantes Islands or Islas de Gigantes, the North Gigantes Medium Lighthouse sits somewhere in Northeastern Iloilo. Sometimes referred to Gigantes Norte Lighthouse, it boasts a view that overlooks the hilly Gigantes Norte Island and the Visayan Sea. Like many of the lighthouses in the Philippines mentioned on this list, the original structure was built during the Spanish occupation, but it was ruined when Typhoon Frank struck the island of Panay in 2008. Luckily, Japan donated the current one, surrounded by ruins that serve as a reminder of the original lighthouse. Enjoy the beautiful view from up above!

How to Get to Carles

To get to Carles from Manila, book an hour’s flight via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific to Roxas Airport in Capiz. Take a tricycle going to Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal. From there, take a bus or shuttle going to Estancia. Go on a short tricycle ride to the port. At Estancia Port, take a two-hour ferry ride to Gigantes Norte.

6Nogas Island Lighthouse (Anini-y, Antique)

nogas island lighthouse antique
Image Credit: @iamdanielj via Instagram

This is one of the lighthouses in the Philippines that will have people falling in love. Nogas Island Lighthouse remains hidden to the public’s eye with a gorgeous and dramatic pathway leading to the tower. Walk through a path lined with frangipani trees on both sides, and with branches and leaves forming a long canopy as if to welcome you to some secret paradise. There’s a viewing deck at the top of the abandoned lighthouse, which is a great vantage point to marvel at Antique’s beauty. Its white sand beaches and clear waters will invite you over for a swim.

How to Get to Anini-y

To get to Anini-y from Manila, board a plane to Iloilo via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. From there, take a two-hour bus ride to Amini-y or San Jose from the Molo Bus Terminal. Rent a boat going to Nogas Island. It will take about 15 minutes.

7Capones Island Lighthouse (San Antonio, Zambales)

capones island lighthouse zambales
Image Credit: @kylamareese via Instagram

If you’re the outdoorsy type who likes to go camping, then for sure, you’ve been to or at least heard of Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove. Both are located in the municipality of San Antonio at Zambales. One thing you cannot miss while you’re here is to go island hopping to Capones Island and Camara Island (connected by a sandbar). Ask the guide to bring you to the lighthouse in Capones. Climb a few cemented stairs leading to an unpaved road, and at its end, you’ll find this famous tower. It’s one of the lighthouses in the Philippines built during the Spanish regime which used to monitor ships within Subic Bay. Though the structure was renovated with the lenses replaced, the beautiful ruins beside it are left untouched.

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How to Get to San Antonio

To get to San Antonio, ride a Victory Liner bus going to Iba. Ask to be dropped off at the San Antonio Market. From there, ride a tricycle going to Pundaquit Beach. Upon arrival, hire a boat and ask your guide to drop by Capones Island.

8Calayan Island Lighthouse (Calayan, Cagayan)

calayan island lighthouse cagayan
Image Credit: @jezunlimited via Instagram

Calayan Island is part of the Babuyan Group of Islands in Cagayan. Once you step foot into this place, you will probably say that this is one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. Situated at Nagudungan Hill, the Calayan Island Lighthouse near Sibang Cove blends in with its picturesque scenery. Together with rock exposures and nature’s visitors such as goats and carabaos grazing, this structure is one of the many lighthouses in the Philippines that will give you the best postcard-like photo.

How to Get to Calayan Island

To get to Calayan Island from Manila, take an hour’s flight to Tuguegarao or 14-hour bus ride to Aparri/Claveria/Sta. Ana. At Claveria, take a five-hour boat ride via lampitaw to Calayan.

There is always something both charming and fascinating about lighthouses. They reflect the rich Filipino heritage and will forever remain a chapter of our history. With ten down and several more to explore, which lighthouses in the Philippines are you planning to visit? Share your lighthouse experience and bucket list with Philihappy by tagging @philihappy on Instagram.

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