mothers day gift ideas

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas To Show Mom You Care

Who is that one person who has watched us grow, given us wise advice, and seen us at our worst? Our one and only Superwoman, of course! Mothers have been there ever since the start of our lives and teaching us right from wrong. She is the true definition of unconditional love. No matter what we do, we can always run towards her and she’ll welcome us with outstretched arms. Sometimes, we fail to recognize her strenuous efforts to shape us into decent human beings. Showing your love is enough, but it’s important that you have the very best Mother’s Day gift ideas to really tell mom that you care!

Here’s a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to explore that is fitting for the Supermom.


mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @mnlgrowkits via Instagram

Get your mom started on that mini garden she’s been wishing for. For just PHP 350, this personalized seedling kit consists of Cilantro, Chives, and Basil! Hurry, because this limited edition has been created just for this Mother’s Day. Personalized boxes come in “Happy Mother’s Day”, “To Our Queen”, and “Ikaw Ang Pinakamaganda”. Starting in coconut husk pots, these cute seedlings are sure to brighten any kitchen space or outside garden.

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2Flower Delivery Philippines by Lucky Doll Flowers

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @flowerdeliveryphilippines via Instagram

No gesture is sweeter than getting mumsie a fresh bouquet of yellow tulips or Ecuadorian roses. Personalize this bunch with her favorite chocolates or even a cuddly teddy bear. If you don’t have time to run to the mall to buy fresh flowers, you can order online for convenience. Having her favorite flowers delivered at the door or her office will surely paint a smile on her face. Add this list to Mother’s Day gift ideas and you can’t go wrong.

Flower Delivery Philippines by Lucky Doll Flowers
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3Something Personal by Nica

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @somethingpersonal_bynica via Instagram

Make her next international trip memorable. Do so by giving her passport a new makeover. With this leather passport sleeve (PHP 350) printed with her name on it, she can’t miss her flight. Why not get one in her favorite color? If there’s one thing that can’t be forgotten, it’s definitely her passport. Other items you might think of getting her could be a personalized bag tag or travel envelope.

Something Personal by Nica
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4Little Box of Colors

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @littleboxofcolors via Instagram

No mumsie can resist a little bit of bling in her life. These sweet embellishments bring color and life to any outfit. It’s also a great way to stand out from the crowd. We absolutely love this Faith Bangle (starts at PHP 250) that she can wear to church. Most importantly, she’ll wear it with pride because it was a gift from you. Isn’t that something?

Little Box of Colors
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5Pattysserie Manila

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @pattysseriemnl via Instagram

You might be thinking this is just another flower delivery service, which we’ve already included. How silly would it be for us to add another one on this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, these beautiful creations are actually edible! If it weren’t for the name, we would have never guessed. Pretty lifelike, huh? We’re confident that moms can’t turn down a gorgeous cake on Mother’s Day (neither can we). No other cake has ever looked this awesome.

Pattysserie Manila
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6Dear Jamie

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: via Instagram

If the momma has a thing for botanicals, Dear Jamie offers a wide range of organic products. Throw natural ingredients like arabica coffee, honey, and other ingredients, and you get handmade soaps named Cersi, Ezra, Gael and Luna. Other products she might enjoy are soothing balms, essential oils, and even body scrubs. She’ll enjoy pampering herself because it’s like having an entire spa right at home.

Dear Jamie
+63917 870 3263

7Fairy Tales by Homes & Castles

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: via Instagram

We know how moms are strangely obsessed with decorating homes. For some reason, she can buy all the decor in the world and it’s not enough. Despite this, we still look forward to coming home. Also, we can’t avoid hearing what ma’s latest purchase is all about. Add an enchanting Basket and Sereno Laso (PHP 1, 630) to her current collection. This statement piece is sure to become a conversation starter among guests, especially titas.

Fairy Tales by Homes & Castles
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8Alice Blue Candle

Image Credit: Alice Blue Candle, Inc. via Facebook</a

Moms are the ultimate masters when it comes to multitasking. They juggle everything from taking care of kids to managing the household. Many even take on jobs! It’s normal they feel responsible for everyone’s well-being except themselves. A simple gift like these natural soy wax candles (starts at PHP 189) will remind moms to relax once in awhile. It will brighten up any corner of the house and give a relaxing scent.

Alice Blue Candle
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9Winsome Box

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @winsomebox via Instagram

The lovely packaging says it all. Armed with a pretty box, each one showcases locally made products. Your working mom will definitely appreciate the contents of the Boss Mama Box. It contains a body oil, statement mug, all natural lip balm, leather clutch, and a floral journal. Queen’s Grace Box consists of a statement mug, handmade necklace, facial mask, and dark chocolate. Out of these Mother’s Day gift ideas, steal this bargain for just PHP 1,395. At the same time, introduce your mama to a whole new world of exquisite Filipino brands.

Winsome Box
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10Hello Gorgeous

mothers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @hellogorgeousmnlph via Instagram

Prevent age from keeping up with your gorgeous momma.  Every woman dreams of owning a magical beauty product that can fix everything. A drop of Unicorn Elixir minimizes wrinkles, moisturizes hair and nails, and restores skin elasticity. Discover natural ingredients like avocado, lavender, and Moroccan oils in this special formula. This 30mL multifunctional oil comes at PHP 780 a bottle.

Hello Gorgeous
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With these Mother’s Day gift ideas on your list, you can’t go wrong. The unconditional love of any mom can never amount to anything in this world. Treat her to something special this Mother’s day. You can even treat her to one of your favorite restaurants. Most importantly, this gift must come from the heart and a simple thank you will go a long way. God knows how many sacrifices she’s gone through to get where you are today. Hugs and kisses to all the brilliant and hard working mommas out there!
What are your best gift ideas for this coming Mother’s Day? Comment away!

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