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11 Ways Pinoys Show Their Game Of Thrones Love

The long wait is over.

Pinoy fans of the epic television series Game of Thrones cannot contain their excitement as the Season 6 premiere is finally here! Almost everyone is in a fandom frenzy speculating as to what happens after Jon Snow died in the previous season. Or did he?

HBO has released its poster of a blue-eyed Snow, with the creepy caption “The Snow King will rise.” True enough, the official trailer gave everyone goosebumps, and has made many a fan wait on the edge of their seat.

All over Facebook, fans have been sharing and liking everything GoT, house motto quiz answers–and faithful to the spirit of the election season–a couple of memes about what politicians should learn from the series. Plus, there are the awesome spoilers and not-so-cryptic giveaways from George R.R. Martin himself.

The show and the novels have indeed swept Pinoys by storm, dragons and White Walkers included, and the fandom here is difficult to miss. How do we see the Game of Thrones love, Pinoy style? Let us count the ways:

1You see GoT shirts almost everywhere.

game of thrones

No matter which house you belong to, what witty words you go by, and which character you love, there is a perfect GoT shirt for you.

2Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister invade comic book conventions.

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Toto Madayag, the creator of Libreng Komiks, sent GoT fans in a frenzy when he sold his Jon Snow postcards and stickers. Carlorozy Clemente, another comic book creator, has posted his renditions of GoT characters on Facebook and Instagram. Our fave? Tyrion Lannister with his famous “I demand trial by combat” line, with a sneering Cersei behind him.

3GoT fans demand trial by combat… through game cards.

game of thrones
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There are cards sold at Appraisery in Cubao X, with fans vying for the championship title, too. They’ve got cards, mats, shirts, and unbeatable allies.

4In time for Season 6, some fans binge-watch GoT from Seasons 1 to 5.

game of thrones

There is the requisite pausing at the rather meaty parts such as the Red and Purple Weddings. This doesn’t stop them from replaying the bloopers and past trailers.

5On the other hand, several fans prefer rereading all five books while waiting for Season 6 AND Winds of Winter, the sixth installment in the series.

game of thrones

6People start discussing online and arguing the many theories created as a result of the unanswered series.

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These include the theories surrounding Jon Snow’s parentage, the fate of Bran Stark, and more important, who’s the next character to die. (We’re sure there are going to be many of them.)

7Fans greet one another “Valar dohaeris” (All men must serve), or “Valar morghulis” (All men must die), whichever suits their mood and preferred destiny.

game of thrones


8GoT Funkopop toys are popping up in stores.

game of thrones

Check out the biggest Jon Snow figure at UP Town Center!

9Die-hard Lannister fans think of writing their letter using personalized stationery and wax seal.

game of thrones

This set is available at Fully Booked for around PHP1500.

10Pinoy fans recreate Westeros using the Philippine map.

game of thrones
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Yes, the Vale is Sagada up north, and Casterly Rock is – surprise – Makati City.

11Fans infuse a little Game of Thrones in their celebrations.

game of thrones

In 2014, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and her husband celebrated their anniversary in Westerosi flourish and full-frocked GoT style.

There are more things to expect from hardcore GoT fans. From spewing memorable one-liners to cosplaying them at events, we love the series too much to care about looking odd. After naming my cat Ser Loras and my plant Margaery, I don’t think anyone could downplay this fangirl.

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