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14 Lazy Girl Makeup Tips For The Girl On The Go

We girls can admit that our busy lives can get the best of us. Sometimes, it doesn’t leave us enough time for ourselves, let alone, to do our makeup. However, it’s not an excuse to let ourselves go out in the open looking like a dazed cavewoman. Here are a few essentials that you must consider for the lazy girl makeup routine.

1Blemish check

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Keep those blemishes to a minimum by using a concealer. This means go only for the affected areas like those dark eye circles or that annoying pimple you found this morning.

Do use a concealer palette that blends flawlessly into your skin tone. No one wants to see your face in fifty shades lighter or darker than your skin.

Don’t apply foundation to your entire face. This is a time-killer.

2Conceal, don’t feel

Lazy Girl Makeup
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For those bags under your eyes, do the lazy girl makeup thing and draw a triangle, just like in the picture above, using your trustworthy concealer.

Do apply to the area beneath your eye including a bit of the cheek.

Don’t just apply right below the eye because you want to get the blending just right.

3Contour it out

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Contouring can become our friend sometimes. A little bit of face slimming via makeup won’t do any harm to anyone. Use a brush for this one.

Do use a slightly darker shade (compared to your skin tone) on the contouring palette and draw a checkmark just below your cheek as a guide. You can also do the number 3 technique!

Don’t forget to get some blending action in there so that it looks natural and effortless.

4Groomed brows

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Well-groomed brows make a huge difference for any girl. What if you can’t be bothered to take the time to fill them in and need the lazy girl makeup routine?

Do use clear brow gel, or spray a clean mascara spoolie with hairspray, then run through your brows. This will help them stay in place in just one swipe.

Don’t forget to use an unused, clean mascara spoolie, and swipe on your brows until the strays are tamed.

5Pretty peepers

Lazy Girl Makeup
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When you have five minutes to get dressed and get out of the door, there’s no time to select 3-5 eyeshadow shades to primp a perfect eye. In this case, contouring is your best friend.

Do line your crease with a medium-dark eyeshadow shade and blend it out. Then, highlight your browbone with a highlighter or a light eyeshadow.

Don’t forget to wake up your eyes even more by lining your waterline with a white or peachy-nude eyeliner pencil.

6Perfect curl

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Ditch the agonizing mascara session and curl your eyelashes instead. It will instantly brighten up your eyes even if you pulled an all-nighter, no one will know it was just a lazy girl makeup trick.

Do warm up your eyelash curler with a blow-dryer and allow it to cool for a while so that it won’t burn you. Your newly curled lashes will last longer.

Don’t include your eyelids in the curler. Otherwise, ouch!

7Easy peasy eyeliner

Lazy Girl Makeup

Do you take too much time using eyeliner? Try this lazy girl makeup hack with your favorite eyeliner and a handy eyelash curler.

Do apply a fair amount of eyeliner on the rim of the eyelash curler. Curl your lashes as you normally do, pressing the curler to your eyelid and presto! You’ve magically shortened the time.

Don’t forget to touch up in case you missed some spots.

8Clean cats-eye

Lazy Girl Makeup

Cat eyes can be a little tricky sometimes. The lazy girl makeup hack? Whip out any plastic card (credit or membership cards will do, we’re not really choosy about it) to guide you. Become the cat’s meow of the night with this neat ol’ trick.

Do use the edge of the card for a clean look. Apply your favorite shade of eye shadow and finish off with liquid eyeliner for a clean and sophisticated finish.

Don’t forget that this trick works well with using mascara too!

9Fingertip blending

You don’t need an entire vanity that’s full of different-sized brushes. Sometimes, all you need are your fingertips to do the talking when it comes to putting on eye shadow.

Do go for it! Blending becomes an easier task because of the warmth that’s oozing from your fingertips.

Don’t afraid to get messy. You can always wash it off when you’re done with everything.

10Natural flush

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Rosy cheeks can spell the difference between a lovely glow and a pale complexion. If you’re pressed for time and products, simply use the same lipstick you have on as your blush!

Do dot the lipstick lightly on the apples of your cheeks. It’s better to start with less, then build up. Use your fingers to spread the color evenly until you achieve a natural flush. Blend it out!

Don’t use dark, harsh-colored lipsticks for this tip, or if you do, use a very light application. Dark cheeks and dark lips can come off as too strong. To be safe, use a natural hue in pink, peach, light red or berry red.


Lazy Girl Makeup
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If you’re running out of time and you still want to look great, focus on either your eyes or your lips. The secret behind this lazy girl makeup tip is that you only need a certain feature on your face to be emphasized.

Do choose an area that you want to accentuate. The other part can be done another day.

Don’t go for both unless if you’re absolutely sure that you’ve got plenty of time on your hands.

12Plump it up

Get juicy lips in an instant by mixing a bit of cinnamon or peppermint oil into your favorite lip gloss. The warm, tingling sensation gives you a natural plump lip.

Do apply daily to stimulate your lips into looking plumper than usual.

Don’t go overboard otherwise your smackers will look greasy.

13Matte magic

Lazy Girl Makeup
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Craving for that matte lipstick trend that’s going around these days? No problem! Reach for your favorite shade and a brush. Put on your lipstick as you normally would and…

Do cover your lips with a facial tissue and use a brush to dab translucent powder.

Don’t forget to clean up the remaining residue that might be left on your face.

14Long-lasting lip

Lazy Girl Makeup

The lazy girl makeup rules call for no-fuss looks. For lipstick that stays for the entire day, apply your favorite shade of lipstick.

Do dab your brush in translucent powder and lightly apply color to your lips. Voila! You’ve magically turned your glossy lipstick into matte.

Don’t leave any residue of the powder. It might scare the people around you.

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