10 essential songs to add to your 2017 summer playlist

There’s nothing quite like summer in the Philippines. Yes, the heat often makes you feel like you’re right outside the gates of hell. But bright blue skies, flowers in full bloom, and an entire archipelago of all the best beaches make it all bearable. All that, plus a kick-ass summer playlist, and your sunshine will last long after the summer’s over.

Whether you’re on a spur-of the-moment road trip to the nearest beach, enjoying a cold beer on a boat, or watching the sunset from your office window, these songs will make you feel absolutely golden. Add them to your 2017 summer playlist and let the good times roll.

The Ocean – Mike Perry, Shy Martin

With a title like “The Ocean” this song belongs on every summer playlist. The song’s relaxing vocals and simple, carefree beat make it perfect for sailing out to sea with your best friends— or at least imagining that you are.

Prefer – MOONWLK

The song’s strong, lively beats will put you in a dancing mood for sure. Your sunset sessions are about to get funkier with this one.

Instant Need – FKJ

The slick piano on this track makes is a great match for a brilliant orange sunset. Give it a listen and you can almost taste the sangrias and the salty sea breeze.

Sunshine – Tom Misch

Striking the perfect balance between upbeat and chill, this is the kind of song you play at the start of a long drive to the beach. Turn it up and get ready for a wave of good vibes to come crashing in.

No End in Sight – Outerhope

The undeniable ‘80s vibe of this song recalls sunny afternoons spent skating or surfing. If you’re stuck in the office wishing you still had summer vacations, this song is the perfect pick-me-up.

There’s a Lonely Road to Sunday Night – Ciudad

There’s something bright and hopeful about this song’s melody, despite the fact that the lyrics are kind of sad. Still, it should go on your summer playlist, if only because its over chill feel will put you in that calm summer mood.

Baby I Love You So – Ourselves the Elves

The languid, swaying melody of this song goes best with lazy summer days. Put this track on when the summer heat renders you motionless. Ideally played while napping on a hammock, with the sound of waves in the background.

Exploration No. 5 – Reese Lansangan

If your summer fling makes you want to sing, this tune is your go-to. Its sweet melody and cutesy lyrics perfectly capture that kilig feeling that’s specific to summer romances.

Close to You – Jacob Collier

This song adds a sensual zing to any summer playlist. Balmy summer nights with your crush are bound to get hotter with this smooth, slow cover of a cheesy classic.


Another song that recalls the heady rush of a summer romance. Ideal for downing fruity cocktails and making out under the palm trees.

Not all of us have the luxury of going on a summer vacation. But all of us can get our fill of that sunny, sexy summer vibe. All we need is a great 2017 summer playlist. Start with these songs, and add your own!

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