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21 Filipino Snacks ‘90s Kids Will Never Forget

The ’90s was a time for great things. It was the time of Spice Girls and Sineskwela. It was the years of our fun, patintero-obsessed childhood. We didn’t know a lot, but we knew enough to have loads of fun. At the time, we had a little too much energy even after a long day in school but still did not dare ask for a nap. What did we ask for? Filipino snacks!

Snack time, or merienda, was our favorite part of the day—definitely past the level of love for any other eating time. Our kiddie snacks were just as colorful as our ’90s culture. We munched on them while watching some of the most iconic shows of our time. Some of these Filipino snacks can still be found on grocery shelves, while others are making a comeback. But nothing will ever surpass the simple joy that came along with opening our childhood snacks after a siesta.

In the spirit of full-on nostalgia, we remembered all the best Filipino snacks we had in the ’90s! Is your favorite on this list?


Zest O
Image Credit: purpleplumfairy.com

This is more like a rite of passage than a juice drink, to be honest. In school, it’s probably as constant and as much as a necessity as a pencil. Nothing beats the good old Zest-O. May you never, ever leave the baons of the Filipino school kids.

2Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice
Image Credit: thehungrylasallian.wordpress.com

If you were extra loaded and your mom was extra generous, this king of all tetra-packed juices in the Philippines ruled your snack times. It’s the biggest one in the market, and it came with an attached straw.


Image Credit: afodtd.com

Before there was Chuckie, there was Chocolait. It was so ubiquitous that every single pre-packed chocolate drink we had, no matter what brand, was called it Chocolait.  Even when Chuckie started to gain popularity, we called it Chocolait. Long live Chocolait.


This was our first ever attempt at looking cool, albeit completely failing. This was as good as our pretend-cigarette as it was our favorite snack. Although it was a bad habit of pretending to smoke a Stik-O, this snack still definitely brings great memories. And boy, we still love it to this day—sans the fake smoking.

5Iced Gem Biscuits

Iced Gem Biscuits
Image Credit: @icedgembiscuits via Instagram

Nothing is a better reminiscent of our childhood than these biscuits topped with candy. Who here ate these bad boys by eating the candy part first then the biscuit after?

6Yan Yan

Yan Yan
Image Credit: Meiji

This was the snack that introduced our young minds to the wonderful world of Japanese chocolate brand, Meiji. But we didn’t care if it was Meiji or Hershey or Goya—all we cared about was it was Yan Yan. And it was good. So good.

7Knick Knacks

Knick Knacks
Image Credit: my-grocery-list.com

Here’s a snack we still love to this day! Some of us probably remember eating the chocolate cover first before eating the biscuit underneath. Or maybe there are those who actually played with these fish-shaped biscuits before devouring them.


Image Credit: @w3ndizzy via Instagram

Just recently, these babies made headline with its comeback! It immediately went out-of-stock after its release, to no one’s surprise. This was a favorite snack in the 90’s! It was an elongated moist cupcake with gooey chocolate in the middle. People say it’s not as good as it was but hey. Any Whammo’s we can get our hands on right now should definitely remind us of our kiddie days.


Waaaaaaaaaay before we became an Oreos-obsessed nation, it was this local gem of a chocolate biscuit with a cream center that ruled our lives. Remember the individually wrapped chocolate-covered Cream-O variant? They sadly don’t make those anymore, but the memory lives on.

10Pintoora and Yakee

Yakee Pintoora
Image Credit: Sulit

Great childhoods mean wacky candies and nothing got wackier than this. These were the bomb in its heyday. We made fun of either our sour faces or our differently colored tongues. Were you Team Pintoora or Team Yakee?

11Flat Tops and Curly Tops

Flat Tops Curly Tops
Image Credit: tsikot.com

We will forever be thankful to Ricoa for these homegrown chocolates here that cost us less than a peso a pop. Remember how it bothered us to no end why the Curly Tops rarely had actual curly tops? Curly Tops was basically Flat Tops that had a different name. Why do you do that, Ricoa?


Image Credit: charriesjourney.com

These tiny peanut milk chocolate bars are major crowd favorites, probably one of those Filipino snacks that gained most fame. To this day, connoisseurs use Choc Nut to create insane cakes, cookies, and ice cream. While others try to bring it down by imitating it, Choc Nut still stands.


Mik Mik
Image Credit: @deimanatad via Instagram

Whose crazy mind thought it was an incredible idea to feed kids milk powder? Whoever that person is, please tell him/her that we are forever grateful for the fun childhood. But boy, can you remember the mess we left when we’d blow Mik-Mik on each other?

14Haw Flakes

Haw Flakes
Image Credit: aussieporean.com

These Chinese candies, whatever they are made of really, were very famous to us all as kids. Most especially the time before and after our first communion. We fed each other with Haw Flakes like how a priest would do it to a Mass-goer.


Image Credit: wagkangmainis.blogspot.com

Potchi was a newcomer during our grade school days. Hence, it was all the rave. That strawberry gummy candy made us all happy.

16Bubble Jug, Bubble Tape, and Ouch

Bubble Jug Bubble Tape Ouch
Image Credit (L–R): ohnuts.com,mywebroom,com, instyle.mx

Remembering the good old days of ’90s childhood is not complete without bubble gum. We had these amazing bubble gum candies, even in tape form! Okay, they were not Philippine-made and not to mention the hefty price tag, but we still begged our parents to buy them for us. When they said yes, the moment was truly golden.

17Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn
Image Credit: World of Snacks

Before it ever had a deluxe foil packaging,  Sweet Corn was merely packed in thin plastic. It cost us 1 peso a pack. It was the most amazing thing that happened to chips in our childhood. This was our first experience in loving the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

18Cheese Ring

Cheese Ring
Image Credit: Regent Foods

Our fingers would be covered in cheese after wrapping these rings around them! Most of us got scolded for all the cheesy mess, but they were definitely worth getting your mom mad for. We’re sure they are a comfort food to many grownups even now!

19Pritos Ring

pritos ring
Image Credit: themaquintosh.blogspot.com

These barbecue chips were also makeshift rings. Food doubles as a plaything and Pritos Ring was an on-point food-turned-jewelry.


Image Credit: jocelyeatsandcooks.com

Like Sweet Corn, before we were introduced to its foil packaging, we ate Tomi in cheap plastics. It also cost around a peso a pack. Blame inflation, but we don’t think kids these days enjoy the 1-peso Filipino snacks we used to love.


Image Credit: @franniecap via Twitter

They say that this is a vegetable snack—quite a terrible attempt in going healthy but great marketing, nonetheless. Snacku, with all its weird flavor and despite the vegetable branding, was loved by the ’90s kids. After all, even if it’s pretend-healthy, it’s still all MSG.

Were your favorite ’90s Filipino snacks on this list? Did we miss anything out? Which ones would you love to have at this very moment? Share your comments with us below!

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