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21 Signs You’re In Love With Filipino Food

Nothing makes you more proud to be a Filipino than the food you grew up loving. Filipino food is, and will always be, your choice of comfort food no matter what.

So sinful, yet so good.

1A meal without rice is never satisfying.

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2And ordering extra rice is almost a given.

extra rice
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3You’re even tempted to try every restaurant promising “Unli Rice.”


4When eating litson, you devour the crispy skin more than the meat itself.

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5You can’t say no to a second or third cup of kapeng barako.

kapeng barako
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6At home, you’d rather eat with your hands than with utensils

eating with hands
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7You can eat a whole llanera of leche flan by yourself

leche flan
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8Avoiding red meat during Holy Week is close to impossible

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9You fail to count how many quail eggs you can eat in one seating

kwek kwek
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10You’re a condiment type of person (yes, you brought that Knorr seasoning in the office pantry)

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11You also have your own recipe for a dipping sauce that goes with everything

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12You can eat tapsilog, tocilog, hotsilog, and all kinds of silog for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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13Pandesal can be eaten any time of the day, too

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14Trying the delicacy of every region in the country is on your bucket list

bicol express
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15When visiting a province for the first time, searching for the local specialty comes first before looking for accommodation or fixing the itinerary

vigan empanada

16For you, Jollibee is the best fast food chain ever

jollibee chicken joy
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17And Mang Inasal is a close second (unli rice, duh!)

mang inasal
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18You lose track of the number of isaw you can eat in one go

manila street food

19You’re definitely the number one suki of your favorite isawan

manila street food

20Having tuyo for breakfast makes for the best morning ever

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Image Credit: @lutongpinoyuk via Instagram

21In fact, having tuyo for breakfast, lunch or dinner sounds like a good idea anytime, any day

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Now, excuse me. I still have a plate of manggang hilaw, with rock salt and chili, to devour.

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