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5 Amazing Things About The Philippines That Will Make You Fall In Love

The Philippines can be known for its extremely hot weather; it’s the most overpopulated country we’ve ever visited with the most unimaginable traffic we’ve ever seen—yet we fell completely head over heels in love with the Philippines. How could this be? Our answer is simple. Find out why we love the Philippines as we share with you five amazing things about the Philippines that will make you fall in love!


whale shark in donsol
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The friendly, smiling locals exude an innate sense of happiness that is so infectious. One of the amazing things about the Philippines is that majority of the people seem genuinely happy and outgoing. Vendors and restaurant staff greet you warmly and sometimes with curiosity, “Hello, Mam-Sir! Do you need—”

Get out of your hotel or resort and ditch the tours even just for a day. Absorb some real Filipino culture, and take a leisurely walk in the neighborhoods and villages where locals work and play. Just make sure to bring a camera, because many love to “ham it up” for a photo!

2Adobo, Seafood, and All Other Filipino Food

seafood boatfeast philippines

What if we told you there’s a place in the world where you can feast on heaping plates of fresh seafood, pork belly, grilled chicken, and white rice for every meal? Well, we’ve found it—it’s the Philippines! Number two of these amazing things about the Philippines is not just the food, but the tropical vibe that comes along with it as your food is delightfully prepared and cooked outdoors over an open flame. A favorite and must-try? Adobo. We got addicted after our first bite and so will you!


jeepney philippines

One of the coolest and amazing things about the Philippines is how you get around: Jeepneys.  Whether or not you’re riding one, just looking at the brightly painted, stainless steel, bus-like vehicles is enough to make you go, WOW. Fun fact? Their front-ends resembling jeep are actually custom-built with spare parts. It’s definitely a joy ride that you share with two long benches for passengers, personalized graphics, bright LED lights, and banging sound systems. Thousands (or even more!) of jeepneys roam the Philippine streets and roads. These moving works of art are just fascinating.

4Whale Sharks

whale shark in donsol
Image Credit: @nebulalalalala via Instagram

Did we mention that you can swim, nearly eyeball to eyeball, with the largest sharks on the planet?! These creatures are among some of the most amazing things about the Philippines that you can actually interact with. There’s a particular place in Sorsogon called Donsol Bay, where the whale sharks are protected and only snorkeling in close capacity (but not touching them) is allowed. It’s also possible to dive with them in nearby areas!

Upon arrival at the beach, we received a lesson on snorkeling etiquette with the sharks and some snorkeling gear. After a quick paddle into the sea, we found ourselves snorkeling just meters away from the polka-dotted giants. Their largeness yet gentle pace was something to behold. Just amazing!

5Island Hopping

island philippines

With over 7,100 islands in the Philippines, there’s an endless supply of adventure just a boat ride away. This rounds up our list of amazing things about the Philippines seeing as it is its main attraction, being an archipelago. We ended up making friends with one of the delightful locals who took us aboard his banka (a small outrigger boat) to explore a few more lovely islands in Cebu. We spent the entire day snorkeling with brightly colored sea creatures in crystal clear waters. We also did some fishing “Filipino-style” with a small roll of fishing line. We lounged in the boat’s comfy hammock and enjoyed our goodies freshly plucked from the sea.

There are so many amazing things about the Philippines but these are five of the ones we chose until we get to return to the islands and their bountiful beauty, people, food, and experiences where we’ll be able to list much more!

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