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Our Top 5 Ultimate Darna Bets: The Ones That Got Away

When it came to casting the iconic role of Darna for the upcoming reboot directed by Erik Matti no less, everyone had their own Darna bets. Eventually, it was Liza Soberano who won the part, but not without controversy. Playing Darna is, after all, a huge responsibility.

Her supporters are convinced that Liza is a great choice to play what they are calling a “millennial Darna.” But others say she is way too young and sweet to be kicking anyone’s ass.

Darna bets

Now it’s not that we aren’t rooting for bb girl to pull this off. Liza did say she would give more than 100 percent to the new role (and by the looks of her recent workouts, she’s already started). But just for fun, here are some other actresses we can totally see morphing into the iconic role.

Ding, ang bato! Here are our top Darna bets:

Pia Wurtzbach

Darna Bets
Image Credit: @piawurtzbach via Instagram

Our kween is arguably one of the most popular Darna bets. Just before the final casting was announced, a lot of people were convinced Pia would be playing the role. And with good reason. When it comes to saving the world, the universe rather, Kween Pia has definitely proven herself capable. Since her reign, she’s been fighting for her chosen causes with a sassy spirit that we think matches the Darna role perfectly.

Arci Munoz

Darna bets
Image Credit: @ramonathornes via Instagram

Equal parts sultry and bad-ass, Arci Munoz is perhaps the most underrated of the Darna bets. She isn’t the biggest name on the list, but we think that works in her favor. She would definitely own the role, and get the big break she deserves. (Also, she’s obviously comfortable playing a superhero in a crazy costume).

Maine Mendoza

Darna bets
Image Credit: @mainedcm via Instagram

Okay, stay with us on this one. We know Yaya Dub isn’t the most obvious choice to play the part. Still, we’d love to see Maine flex her acting muscles with a more challenging role. We think she can bring a candid charm to the intense Darna character. At any rate, if her recent Instagram shots are any indication, homegirl looks fit enough to take down a bunch of super villains with nary a hair out of place.

Lovi Poe

Darna bets
Image Credit: @poevirginia via Instagram

Love Poe’s dusky beauty and mysterious vibe will bring a new dimension to the well-loved character. Plus, we totally believe that her killer abs alone can defeat all the forces of evil in one fell swoop.

Maja Salvador

Darna bets
Image Credit: @iammajasalvador via Instagram

When Maja Salvador started toning up drastically at around the same time that Angel Locsin dropped out of the Darna project, rumors flew that Maja would be taking over. For a while, she was the forerunner among all the Darna bets. Then she shot down everyone’s hopes by saying she wasn’t going to do the role. Still, we think Maja’s mass appeal and track record for playing bad-ass women would have worked well for Darna.

For now, we’re all just waiting for Liza to step into those legendary red and gold boots. Fingers and toes crossed that she pulls it off. Anyway, there’s always a tiny chance that the studio pulls a Spiderman and remakes the shit out of Darna. In that case, we may just get to see all our Darna bets donning that golden winged helmet.

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