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5 OPM Crushes You Can Start Fangirling Over Right Now

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any man who makes good music instantly gets a million pogi points by virtue of sheer talent. In a country with a music scene as alive and kicking as ours, wannabe Penny Lanes do not lack for objects of fangirl worship. Of course, the Ely Buendias and Champ Lui Pios of the world will always be there to fawn over. But this time, we’ve rounded up some newer OPM crushes that are sure to make the groupie in you swoon.

1The BGNR (aka Andrew Florentino), musician

Before he became known as The BGNR, Andrew was once named a Certified Candy Cutie. That means this part-time commercial model/ full-time nu-disco solo act is no stranger to mild objectification from adoring, hormonal fangirls. Of course, his boy-next-door charm and classic Pinoy good looks are only secondary to his musical skills. Just listen to his tasty covers of Frank Ocean or The Cure or play the sweet beats of his original music, and you’ll know what we mean.

2Ninno Rodriguez, rapper

With his fresh, sometimes-glasses-adorned face, Ninno looks like that innocent sweetie you just wanna cuddle with. That is until the words start flying rapidly and beautifully from his mouth. That’s when his low-key rapper swagger reveals itself. By the time he’s done rapping about relevant social issues, any girl will find herself considerably swayed to his cause. And she will become even more charmed when she finds out that he is not just a rapper but an award-winning spoken word poet, too.

3Nick Lazaro, vocals and synth of Moonwlk, and frontman of Twin Lobster

You know a man who manages not to look like a total douche in a slim-fitting, black v-neck is capable of great things, as Nick Lazaro obviously is. Among those great things: his multi-instrumental abilities, that soaring voice, athleticism (he also surfs!), and of course, those slow-motion hair flips that render the world in slow motion. Definitely one of the forerunners in this new wave of OPM crushes.

4Rome Gomez, frontman of No Rome

On stage, he’s that energetic hipster kid working the keyboard and singing his heart out to his own catchy music. On Twitter, he’s equal parts angsty artist and funny guy, alternating witty comebacks with existential musings. Oh, and he also takes an adorable and unapologetic amount of selfies, leaving fangirls everywhere sufficiently pleased until they can catch him at his next gig.

5Jake Masigan, guitarist of Banna Harbera

Like every great guitarist, the huggable Jake seems to be oblivious of the spotlight, simply getting lost in his own instrument to the benefit of audiences everywhere. His smooth guitar playing alone is enough to fall in love with, but his sheer, self-effacing coolness seals the deal. As far as OPM crushes go, you can’t get much cooler than Jake.


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