travel with that special someone

5 Reasons to Travel with Your Special Someone

Traveling with a special someone is better than you think. You’ll have endless opportunities to see enchanting vistas, taste unique cuisines, meet friendly locals, and engage in exciting activities. But more than that, traveling together strengthens your relationship. Think about it: you’ll be with your loved one all day, all week, for several months or even years. You’ll be spending your days full of excitement and adventure.

Newlyweds travel halfway across the world to enjoy their honeymoons. Unmarried couples visit beautiful destinations to celebrate their anniversaries. They all come back home bitten by the travel bug, and they can’t wait to plan out their next destination.

Like all things in life, it is not going to be a bed of roses, of course. Even the sweetest and most loving couples have their thorny moments. Yes, the two of you will argue over your itinerary or travel plans. You may even discover a side of your partner you never knew when your travel plans get messed up. But that’s all right. It’s all part of the wonderful experience of being a traveling couple.

So, should you travel with your special someone? Absolutely!

1The two of you make choices together.

travel with that special someone

You may be the kind of person who is hesitant when making decisions. Or perhaps you are impulsive type when it comes down to it. These traits may not work well when you travel alone, but with a partner, you share information, study the cons and pros of each option, and make compromises. A partner helps you make more objective, informative, and beneficial decisions.

2You can take advantage of each other’s talents and strength for a better travel experience.

travel with that special someone

You may have a knack for details while your partner may be excellent in accounting, so you can take charge of making a comprehensive itinerary while your partner handles the budget. You may have this charismatic way with people to help you negotiate rates. Your partner may have excellent memory for remembering directions. You may have the good eye for photography. Your partner may have a hidden talent in modeling. You see, together, your skills can work to your advantage.

3You put your trust on each other.

travel with that special someone

Trust, more than love, is the foundation of a stable and reliable relationship. Traveling together builds confidence with your partner, and this is important when you are together in a strange place. For example, you may learn to put your trust in your partner who is adept at reading trails when you get lost in a national park. Or you will learn to trust your partner in budgeting out your expenses.

4You share the responsibilities.

travel with that special someone

Sharing roles and tasks makes traveling easier and more convenient. Think about it: while you are busy re-packing your things in the bed-and-breakfast you are staying in, she could review your expenses. In the wilderness, you could pitch the tent and prepare the interior while she cooks the dinner.

5Traveling together is incredibly romantic.

Just imagine cuddling together while watching a fiery sunset, or lying down on the beach looking at a sky full of stars. What about holding hands while walking through a distant town plaza? These are way more romantic than just having an expensive dinner in a 5-star restaurant.

If you think these reasons are not enough to make you book that trip with your special someone, then just watch this video and see what I mean.


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