5 Reasons You Should Try Calligraphy

Likely, one of your friends has already been bitten by the bug. You’ll probably see their posts on Instagram—artfully written quotes with artistic backgrounds, perhaps with a desaturated filter to finish it off. Yep, the art of calligraphy has gained so much traction lately in the local scene.

TV host Pauleen Luna-Sotto famously had a calligraphy session at her bridal shower. Workshops are being held left and right, not just in Manila, but even in Cebu and Davao.

In this digital age, more and more people are finding a new appreciation for this timeless art. Calligraphy can hopefully inspire enthusiasts to create instead of consume. At the very least, it can encourage them to improve messy handwriting!

Considering calligraphy? Here are five reasons why you should give this emerging hobby a chance.

1It’s a sophisticated hobby.

At least, that’s what they say. Dip pen calligraphy, in particular, is a nod to older times, when metal pen nibs and a pot of ink were the only available materials to write with. Calligraphy requires a lot of patience and practice, but seeing your handwriting transformed over time into elegant flourishes and loops makes it ultimately satisfying.

2It offers you choice.

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There are many kinds of calligraphy: traditional, brush, dip pen, watercolor, modern… the list goes on. You can choose to try them one at a time and see which one you like best to improve on.

3It’s perfect for anyone.

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Don’t have an artist’s background? That’s fine. As long as you know how to write, you can explore the world of pens, nibs, and inks. Start with a workshop that will teach you the basics, and then do the drills on your own at home. Just remember to set time each day for practice and you’ll see yourself improve bit by bit.

4It’s relatively inexpensive.

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Nibs, holders, and brush pens are quite affordable, as are paper and pencils to practice with. It only starts burning your pocket when you decide to start hoarding supplies! To avoid purchasing the wrong materials, try attending a workshop that will hook you up with a starter kit. From there, you can buy the pens or tools that you feel comfortable using.

5It can be turned into a business.

Many enthusiasts find themselves monetizing their newfound skills through commissioned art pieces or elements for wedding invitations. Once you get to the point where you feel that you’re good enough to start selling your work, it opens up a whole new level of satisfaction from getting paid to do what you love.

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