Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza: 5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Her

It’s hard to believe that Maine Mendoza has been a fixture in the local showbiz scene for less than a year. From her humble beginnings as Yaya Dub on Eat Bulaga, she’s come so far—with a movie, numerous TV appearances and product endorsements under her belt.

Without a doubt, Maine Mendoza is a sensation. Whether you like her, hate her, or are just mildly curious as to why on earth people seem to like her so much, you cannot deny that this girl’s rise to fame has been unprecedented. Together with her onscreen partner, Alden Richards, she is considered a real influencer in the industry.

Maine recently celebrated her 21st birthday, and we thought there was no better time to share five reasons why we love this girl.

1Maine is incredibly funny.

Maine Mendoza seems very familiar with the art of laugh. Whether on Dubsmash, Snapchat, or on TV, she brings joy to others with her comedic timing (and yes, weirdly funny faces).

2She’s got an incredible sense of style.

Finally!!! Thank you for this photo @markednicdao! ❤️ Hair | @celestetuviera Makeup | @juansarte

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Thanks in part to her conservative Kalyeserye grandmother, Maine Mendoza dresses appropriately for her age. Who can forget that infamous collared red dress she wore to her first meeting with Alden? Since then, she’s been seen and photographed in various outfits that are so on point yet don’t need to show off too much skin. Her stylists deserve all the credit!

3Maine is super nice to her fans.

Despite dealing with all the changes this AlDub fame has brought about, she is still nice to her fans—taking photos with them, updating her social media and sharing her life with them, and even making the effort to know some of them. For her 21st birthday, Maine Mendoza even received a surprise birthday party from her family and fan club—so sweet!

4She’s family-oriented.

It’s obvious from the way she talks about them and posts about them that her relationship with her family has not changed. Maine is very close to her siblings and parents. To us, she’s a superstar, but to her family, she’s still simply Menggay.

5Maine Mendoza is so humble.

In an industry full of divas, it’s refreshing to see someone being the best, most candid person she can be—yes, including all those strange Snapchats. You keep doing you, Maine Mendoza! Happy Birthday!


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