6 Filipino Oppas Girls Go Crazy Over

Korean dramas have won the hearts of many Filipinos for years now. The K-drama phenomenon won’t end anytime soon in the Philippines, for we seriously have a huge fan base here. In case you are not familiar with the word oppa, it literally means older brother of a younger female. But it has been a popular term nowadays because it’s being used as a term of endearment or a word to describe a “hot and handsome” guy.  Girls, no need to look further, for we’ve got our very own oppas! Here’s a roundup of our favorite Filipino oppas:

1John Lloyd Cruz

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @johnlloydcruztm via Instagram

Without a doubt, John Lloyd Cruz deserves the top spot on this list. The 34-year old multi-awarded actor is one of the top leading men in Philippine showbusiness. No wonder his TV and movie projects are always blockbuster hits. From his Tabing Ilog days up to now, he is still the same charming and brilliant actor that gets all the girls screaming out loud.

2Richard Gutierrez

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @richardgutz via Instagram

Coming from a brood of celebrities, Richard Gutierrez is known as the tall, mestizo, attractive actor and model. A lot of girls are sure to have had a crush on him, especially during his younger years. Nevertheless, nothing has changed as time goes by, he’s become one of our Filipino oppas to admire. He’s now a proud father to Zion and a partner to Sarah Lahbati.

3Atom Araullo

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @atomaraullo via Instagram

If there is one broadcast journalist that girl fans go wild about, that would absolutely be Atom Araullo. The former 5 and Up mainstay has always been one of the most sought-after public figures in the country. With his amazing personality, wit, and looks, you’ll surely have all the reasons to love him.

4Dingdong Dantes

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @dongdantes via Instagram

Now a father to the adorable baby Zia and a husband to Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes still has the appeal to most girls. This once famous teen star has grown up into a respectable man that today is making him a sure ball of Filipino oppas. Definitely, Ding Dong’s an awesome dad who rocks fatherhood.

5Patrick Garcia

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @onlypatrickgarcia via Instagram

One of the ‘90s celebrity crushes that most girls admire, is Patrick Garcia. He remains to be a heartthrob up to this day as he continues his showbiz career. He is now married to Nikka Martinez-Garcia and they are happily living with their two beautiful daughters.

6Ian Veneracion

Filipino oppas
Image Credit: @ianveneracion1 via Instagram

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without adding THE Ian Veneracion. If there’s such a thing as “Father of all Filipino Oppas” in the country, then he might be the best fit for the role. From child star to matinee idol to one of the greatest actors in the industry, Ian never fails to inspire people. With a pretty face like this, who wouldn’t adore him? By the way, he’s now 42 years old and still oozing sex appeal.

May these Filipino oppas inspire you in every way possible and make your day great!

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