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6 Reasons Why Awesome Parents Bring Kids Outdoors

Nothing beats exploring the outdoors when you’re young and free, but it certainly doesn’t mean putting away your gears as soon as the baby shows up. In fact, introducing a kid to the outdoors opens up a whole new chapter of challenges and adventures for the entire family.

If you’re still not convinced, let me give you a few compelling reasons why allowing your little ones to explore the outdoors makes you an awesome parent.

You reduce the number of gadget-hooked kids.

kids outdoors

Are you guilty of letting iPads and tablets babysit your children to get the chores done? We probably all are.

In a Southeast Asian study conducted by The Asian Parent, 98% of the participants’ children between 3 and 8 years used mobile devices for both educational and entertainment purposes. 99% of these were done at home, and about 41% spent more than an hour on these devices.

Regularly bringing kids outdoors allows them to find other sources of entertainment especially in this age of gadgets and technology.

You let them see the world beyond books and TV.

kids outdoors

Nature is beautiful but, unfortunately, most of us only get to see them in the books and television ads. Why not do something awesome and let them not only see but also touch, feel, hear, or even taste (only what’s edible, of course!) those things?

Stills and photos may look breathtaking, but they are even more so in person. Life, and the world, are meant to be experienced. Why would you deprive them of that?

You teach them to appreciate nature.

kids outdoors

If you’re constantly on TV or social media, chances are you’ve already heard about what happened to Mt. Apo and Mt. Kanlaon. It’s a sad plight for these natural beauties, but it’s hard to be concerned and even take notice if you have no appreciation even for the tiniest things around you.

Constantly bringing your kids outdoors will eventually teach them not just to appreciate but also to care for nature. They will soon become very conscious of where they throw their trash and even of the little things that they can do to help take care of Mother Earth.

You start them off on a healthy lifestyle.

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Obesity is a pressing problem for many first-world countries all over the world. Many US schools have already “added” physical activities into the students’ daily routines, but it is actually the lack of outside play that is causing them to become less active.

While a lot of these schools have turned their classrooms into mini gyms, why not bring the kids outside instead? The outdoors will force them to move around and explore, and it will also provide them a breath of fresh air and a break from all the pollution that city life brings.

You learn to calculate risks twice as fast.

kids outdoors

While it’s great to plan things out, life doesn’t really require you to look that far ahead. As in climbing mountains, you only need to make sure that you can see at least two steps ahead to make sure that you and the people around you aren’t in grave danger.

As parents, you cannot be around to protect your child at all times, but you can teach them to look after themselves instead. The outdoors will always pose a risk, but it will also provide a great learning experience. After all, your kids will never know it is dangerous to climb high up a tree unless they fall. And, they will never know how to climb that tree safely unless they start doing it themselves.

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You force everyone to be flexible and resilient.

osmena peak

Up’s Russell once said, “The wilderness isn’t quite what I expected, it’s WILD.”

Fitting and true because the truth is that nature has some pretty nasty and unexpected things that all we can really do is look after ourselves. Bringing your kids outdoors, whether on a short hike or a camping trip, will teach them that the world isn’t comfortable and that we all need to find ways to adapt to the changes.

In this world of media-loving kids, pulling them away from gadgets and technology can be a major challenge. However, awesome parents know that setting aside time to get everyone to be one with nature can also be very beneficial to one’s overall well-being.

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