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7 Korean Dramas To Watch If You Loved Descendants Of The Sun

The Korean drama phenomenon in the Philippines has been around for more than a decade. Some of the most popular K-dramas that made its way to Pinoys’ hearts were Stairway to Heaven, My Girl, Coffee Prince, and Lovers in Paris. Also, who could ever forget when we all went gaga for Boys over Flowers? Pretty sure Endless Love, Jewel in the Palace, and My Love from the Star still ring a bell, too. However, it was the recently concluded Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) that created a renewed interest of the Filipinos in Korean dramas. If you loved DOTS, here are seven Korean dramas to watch and include on your list of must-see TV shows!

1Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Inspired by the true story of South Korean Olympic gold-medalist Jang Mi-ran, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo stars Lee Sung-kyung in the title role. Kim Bok-joo is a young, ambitious student-athlete who is determined to be the best female weightlifter in Korea. Helping her achieve her ambitions are her teammates, her family, and her best friend Jung Joon-hyung (played by Nam Joo-hyuk). As Bok-joo achieves her ambitions, she experiences love and personal growth, too! This is one of the best Korean dramas to watch when you just feel so uninspired!

2First Seven Kisses

Produced in partnership with Korean retail giant Lotte, First Seven Kisses is an eight-episode web series starring Lee Cho-hee. She plays a never-been-kissed Lotte Duty-Free store employee named Min Soo-jin who wants romance. While at work, she meets a goddess (played by Choi Ji-woo) who grants her this opportunity. Over the course of the series, Soo-jin meets seven dashing men from various walks of life. These men are real-life heartthrobs such as Lee Min-ho, Lee Joon-gi, Kai (of EXO), Ok Taec-yeon (of 2 PM), Park Hae-jin, Ji Chang-wook, and Lee Jong-suk. Given the roster of heartthrobs appearing in this series, we’re definitely going to have a hard time choosing a partner for our first kiss!

3Love in the Moonlight (aka Moonlight Drawn by Clouds)

Set in the 19th century during the Joseon Dynasty, Love in the Moonlight is the unlikely coming-of-age love story between Crown Prince Hyeomyong (played by Park Bo-gum) and Hong Ra-on (played by Kim Yoo-jung). The story is about a young girl who was raised as a boy by her mother. She works as a male relationship counselor. In a strange turn of events, Ra-on becomes a eunuch of the Crown Prince. Unknowingly, the Crown Prince develops feelings for his mysterious eunuch. Love in the Moonlight was a success in South Korea and other parts of Asia during (and beyond) its run. This year, Pinoy viewers will get to have a taste of the Moonlight Syndrome. This Korean drama is set to air on ABS-CBN this 2017!

4The Legend of the Blue Sea

One of the biggest Korean dramas to watch of 2016, The Legend of the Blue Sea is set in two periods: one during the Joseon era, and the other, during modern times. This Korean drama is a love story between a young man (played by Boys Over Flowers Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid (played by My Love from the Stars Jun Ji-hyun). In his present life, the young man is a con artist named Heo Joon-jae who was a royal officer in the Joseon era. He encounters a mermaid called Shim Cheong. She closely resembles the mermaid that he fell in love with during his past life. Together with Love in the Moonlight, this drama was announced as one of ABS-CBN’s offerings this year!

5The Reply series

If you are into barkada-oriented movies and TV shows, then this drama anthology should be on your radar! The Reply series revolves around a group of friends reminiscing about their past and present while providing insight into various South Korean pop culture phenomena. Such as the emergence of K-pop! The show has received acclaim from critics and fans and has brought rising superstars like Park Bo-gum into prominence! The Reply fever has hit Philippine shores, too, when GMA-7 aired Reply 1997 in 2015.

6Jealousy Incarnate

A different type of show in our list of Korean dramas to watch is the workplace-themed Korean soap that depicts the cutthroat competition in a broadcasting station. It goes into the personal entanglements between optimistic weather girl Pyo Na-ri (played by Gong Hyo-jin of The Producers) and dashing newscaster Lee Hwa-shin. Along the way, Pyo Na-ri encounters Go Jung-won, a handsome heir who happens to be Hwa-shin’s best friend. Since it was a success in Korea, the drama has received an extension up to 24 episodes during its run!

7Goblin (aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Helmed by the creators of DOTS, Goblin is a romantic-fantasy Korean drama starring Gong Yoo in the title role. He is a 939-year old goblin named Kim Shin who lives with an amnesiac grim reaper (played by Lee Dong-wook of My Girl). Together, they help the dead transition into the afterlife. One day, Kim Shin meets a young girl named Ji Eun-tak, who is destined to become his bride. Up to this day, Goblin continues to be one of the most talked-about K-dramas in 2016 because of its compelling story and controversial contents, and the undeniable chemistry between the lead actors.

These are just seven of so many Korean dramas to watch. With this list, you are ready to binge-watch on K-dramas in the next coming months! There are even streaming services offering these shows, so you are sure to get your full share of Koreanovela and keep your mind off the real-life drama and nonsense. If there are any more you have in mind, tell us here at Philihappy by commenting! We love our Korean soaps, kilig moments, and eye candy, too! 😉

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