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7 Little Things You Can Do To Save The Earth

With the rise of global warming, climate change and other environmental disasters, people are more conscious now of the environmental impact of their behaviors and habits. After all, we only have one earth so it is our responsibility to take care of it and leave it better for ourselves and the next generations.

No need to start installing solar panels on your rooftop if you don’t have the means! Here are seven simple ways on how you can save the earth to make it be a better place, one little step at a time:

1Use eco-friendly cloth bags instead of plastic ones for shopping, or ditch plastic bags altogether if you are buying small products! 

eco friendly bags

Ditch the plastic bags when you shop for small products, such as makeup, ballpens, or accessories, because it would be wasteful if you use them. Instead of piling on the plastic bags or their paper counterparts for shopping, keep a stock of reusable cloth ones when you buy groceries or clothes.

2If you have old clothes or old gadgets, take them to a recycling kiosk at your nearby shopping mall. 

recycle old clothes

Major retailers such as H&M spearhead recycling initiatives, and these initiatives come with discounts for your shopping purchases! Saving the planet while getting good deals? We’re up for it.

3Bring your own baon.

packed lunch

We all know that having takeout from our favorite fast food joints gives us a sense of comfort and convenience during our lunch breaks, but bringing your own packed lunch and snacks will help your body (and the planet)! You will feel healthier and you will produce less waste on your end.

4Take public transportation.

public transportation

The public transportation situation in the Philippines may be quite problematic, but taking public transportation is one of the tried-and-tested methods to help the planet in one way or another. For example, if you are a car owner, ditch your car during your coding day and swap it for a day of commuting!

5When it comes to buying clothing, take note of the “30 Wears” principle.

30 wears

Invest in pieces that can withstand fashion trends and will last you for at least a year, or if you can wear it for at least thirty times.

6Practice upcycling!


Upcycling allows us to see the hidden value in garbage, by repurposing them into objects that are beautiful and useful at the same time! Not only you will make your house a more beautiful place, the planet will also thank you for it.

7Exercise discipline.


This is probably the simplest tip to save the earth, but it is the most difficult to commit to. But for everyone’s sake, following the rules or practicing better habits will contribute to one’s personal growth, as well as the planet’s. Throw your trash in the proper bins, commute more often, ditch the plastic bags while grocery shopping, and follow your barangay’s garbage collection schedule, and you will help the earth!

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