7 Underrated Bohol Tourist Spots You Need To See To Believe

Roughly an hour and a half via plane from Manila, you can reach the beautiful province of Bohol. Guess what? There’s more to this travel destination than chocolate hills, tarsiers, white beaches, man-made forest, and all other mainstream Bohol tourist spots. If you haven’t been here yet or are planning to visit again, here’s a roundup of new and exciting things to do in Bohol!

1Cross the Spectacular Tigbao Hanging Bridge

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: a1_jolla via Instagram

Got a thing for heights? Tigbao Hanging Bridge in Loboc River is a must try! Crossing this bridge made of metal and bamboo flooring is quite an experience. Suspended about 82 feet above Loboc River, this bridge was originally built to connect two barangays. For only PHP 10 per head, you can get to cross this striking bridge and witness a scenic view of the river.

2Visit the Historic Punta Cruz Watch Tower

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: kennpain via Instagram

Despite being hit by the earthquake in 2013, Punta Cruz Watch Tower in Maribojoc still provides an excellent view for all tourists today. Check it out, have your photo taken in this historic attraction, and relive a pre-Hispanic era. Definitely one of the best things to do in Bohol for just a five-peso entrance fee! Dibs, right?

3Explore the Majestic Mag-Aso Falls

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: jaimo via Instagram

Fall in love with the stunning Mag-Aso Falls in Antequera! Oh, this uncrowded 25-foot twin falls is one of the best Bohol tourist spots. Not only it offers a beautiful natural sight, rather an exhilarating adventure with your loved ones. You just have to pay PHP 30 for two entrance fees and you’re up for the most unforgettable experience of your life!

4Be Mesmerized with the Fascinating Cadapdapan Rice Terraces

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: explorer_doc via Instagram

Did you know that we also have other rice terraces than the one in Banaue? You’ve read it right. Cadapdapan Rice Terraces in Candijay is another tourist spot you shouldn’t miss out when in Bohol. Seeing the panoramic view of the terraces will absolutely take your breath away. What a time to be alive, yes!

5Dive into the Enchanting Cabagnow Cave Pool

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: sirenars via Instagram

Hailed as the most beautiful, deepest, and largest cave pool in Anda, Cabagnow Cave Pool is sure to leave you in awe. Dive into this cave pool and feel its fresh, cool water. Not to mention, the water’s so clear that you could see plenty of pebbles and stones lining its floors. If you’re up for an adventure, mark this as one of the more daring things to do in Bohol! Amazing!

6Catch a Firefly Watching Tour at Abatan River

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: tina.r_ via Instagram

Are you up for an enchanting night tour in Bohol? You have to check out the hour-long firefly watching tour at Abatan River. Imagine riding a boat that takes you gently up the river and suddenly reveals an incredible light show of millions of fireflies. Movie feels, huh? That’s exactly you’ll experience on this tour. Add it to your list of Bohol tourist spots!

7Discover the Impressive Alicia Hills

bohol tourist spots
Image Credit: the_boholana Instagram

You probably know how crowded the places to see the chocolate hills can get once you’re in Bohol. Why not look for another place, like Alicia, then? The endless hills that can be found in this town are truly remarkable. There’s nothing like discovering the astounding Alicia Hills while in this province, so it’s really one of the things to do in Bohol.


Go beyond your usual itinerary and check out these unpopular Bohol tourist spots for your next escapade. After all, Bohol has more to offer than its famous tourist attractions alone.

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