Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017

7 Unique Things To Do In The Philippines In 2017

A new year means new adventures, and there is perhaps no better place to seek them out than in the Philippines. Travelers never run out of one-of-a-kind experiences to try on this side of the world, where even mundane activities like riding bicycles or going underwater take on a different twist. Charge into the new year fearlessly and try these unique things to do in the Philippines in 2017. With these activities, your year is bound to be better than the last. At the very least, you’ll never be bored!

1Throw plates into a wall

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @its.mekim via Instagram

Unleash your fury at the year that was at the Tacsiyapo Wall in Isdaan Tarlac. The quirky restaurant in Central Luzon has become the stuff of legend as it lets guests hurl plates into a wall. They call it the Tacsiyapo Wall because Tacsiyapo means “shame on you” in Kapampangan. There may be no better way to start the year than heading here to let out and let go of all those leftover frustrations from 2016.

Isdaan Tarlac is a floating restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. You will have to buy the items you throw at the Tacsiyapo Wall. A mug costs PHP 20, though if you’ve got more anger to vent out, you could try other items such as a TV, which costs PHP 2,000.

2Learn to fly on a trapeze

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @trapezeph via Instagram

If you fancy picking up a new hobby for the new year, add the flying trapeze to your list of things to do in the Philippines in 2017. What it is is basically doing all sorts of impressive maneuvers while swinging from trapeze to trapeze. You’ll be enjoying an intense workout and getting a rush of adrenaline while you’re at it. Not to mention, after a few lessons, you’ll be well on your way of fulfilling that childhood dream of running away with the circus!

Flying Trapeze Philippines offers trapeze classes in Bonifacio Global City. Walk-in rates for group classes are at PHP 1,000 per person on weekdays, and PHP 1,250 per person on weekends and holidays. Classes run for two hours.

3Try freediving

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @nicogavan via Instagram

It goes without saying that scuba diving is one of the top tourist activities in the Philippines, but those who love the underwater world are trying different ways to explore it. One of those ways is freediving, which is getting increasingly popular these days. Armed with just fins and a mask, freedivers strip the act of diving down to the bare minimum. They rely solely on their lung capacity as they plunge into the deep blue. While the physical challenges are obvious, anyone with the will to do it can learn. There’s something positively primordial about diving great depths without any equipment. The experience alone should make it worth the effort.

Moalboal in Cebu and Panglao in Bohol are some of the free diving hotspots in the Philippines. There are many freediving training centers there where you can learn. Freediving Philippines in Moalboal offers a one-day introductory course for about PHP 7,000.

4Ride a bike 150 feet up in the air

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @dgdmphotography via Instagram

If you think riding a bicycle across a tightrope 150 feet above ground sounds like pure insanity, you’re probably right. It does take a certain degree of craziness to try this Bohol attraction, especially since, unlike normal, gravity-reliant zip lines, you’ll actually have to pedal yourself across the 500-meter distance. Of course, a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the famous Chocolate Hills is enough to inspire anyone to do it.

The Rush Bike Zip Line can be found at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park in Carmen, Bohol. The same park also has The Wave Runner Surf Zip Line, where you’ll be hovering on a surfboard 230 feet mid-air. Both zip lines cost PHP 450, while entrance to the park costs PHP 60.

5Go sandboarding

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @pamducusin via Instagram

Feel like a badass straight out of Mad Max as you skate over the sand dunes in Paoay, Ilocos. Described by enthusiasts as surfing, but on sand, this activity is perfect for those who want to stay dry over the weekend. Just remember to keep your mouth closed as you slide down the dunes. After all, you don’t want to spend the rest of the year picking grains of sand out of your teeth.

Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure offers sandboarding packages for PHP 2,500 for up to five people. The package includes 4×4 rental, sandboarding tutorials, and a tour of the sand dunes. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in the Philippines in 2017.

6Test your guts while canyoneering

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @kawasancanyoneering via Instagram

If there’s anything that will test your physical fitness and mental toughness, it’s canyoneering. The outdoor activity will have you climbing rocks, jumping off cliffs, sliding down waterfalls, and swimming through rivers. All this is done through clear, turquoise waters, lush tropical forest, and gnarly rock formations. What more can you want in a half-day adventure?  Not only will you be burning hundreds of calories, but you’ll also be making millions of memories. It might just be one of the most thrilling things to do in the Philippines in 2017. Just remember to be alert, follow your guide’s instructions, and stay safe!

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South Cebu is known for canyoneering. The usual tour starts off in the town of Alegria and ends in the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian. Kawasan Canyoneering offers tours at PHP 1,000 per person. This price includes guides, safety gear, registration and environmental fees, transportation to the jump-off point, bottled water, and a snack.

7Make like a tinola in a kawa

Things To Do In The Philippines in 2017
Image Credit: @wheng.ballarta via Instagram

When it comes to unwinding, there are few things more novel than slowly stewing in a giant metal wok like your mom’s tinola. That’s exactly what you’ll experience when you try the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao, Antique. Kawas were once used to refine big batches of sugar in sugar mills. Today, though, they’ve been reincarnated as an island-style hot tub. The tubs are placed over a wood-fed fire and filled with water. They are then heated up to your desired temperature. Before you settle in, fragrant leaves are thrown into the mix, so you’ll definitely feel like tonight’s dinner as you sit there and tenderize in hot water. The bath is best enjoyed after exploring the nearby Bugtong Bato Falls or kayaking on the Tibiao River. However, even lazybones will get a kick out of one of the most relaxing things to do in the Philippines in 2017.

At Kayak Inn in Tibiao, the kawas have a great view of the river. The sound of the rushing water and the gentle countryside scenery makes it even more relaxing. A half hour kawa soak costs PHP 250 per person.

Of course, on top of these suggestions, you also have the classic tourist must-dos: spelunking, scuba diving, surfing, white-water rafting, and mountain climbing, to name a few. Add those to all the items on this list, and you can be sure you won’t run out of things to do in the Philippines in 2017.

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