things to do on valentine's day

7 Unique Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your S.O.

If you’ve managed to secure a date on Valentine’s Day, congratulations! February the 14th is really less of a hassle if you’re among the demographic that it was made for (e.g. couples). With all the commercial establishments capitalizing on this holiday, you won’t lack for things to do on Valentine’s Day. Fancy restaurants, roofdeck bars, and sunset walks are pretty obvious date ideas. However, you may want to avoid the crowds, avoid the clichés, or just want to do something different. If that’s you, then here are some unique dates you can try:

1Go Vinyl Hunting in Cubao Expo

things to do on valentine's day
Image Credit: @mikkarte via Instagram

If you’re the type of hipster/musically inclined couple that gets a kick out of finding a rare vinyl, head to Cubao Expo. The place is known for being home to shops like Vinyl Dump and Gold Digger that have endless shelves of vinyls just waiting to be combed through. Keep things interesting by making it your mission to surprise the other with a vinyl at the end of the date.

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2Ride the LRT/MRT and get off at random stops

things to do on valentine's day

The mechanics of this date are simple: buy a stored value card, get on your MRT/LRT line of choice, and get off at random stops until your credit runs out. We suggest taking the LRT because it’s near a lot of historical and romantic sites. Whichever route you choose, you’ll be discovering the city and getting to know each other even more. It’ll be your own version of Before Sunrise. It’s one of the easiest things to do on Valentine’s Day, with great payoff.

3See Intramuros via Segway

segway tours manila
Image Credit: Segway Tours Manila via Facebook

Sure, Intramuros may be a cliché date place, but seeing it on a Segway is definitely new. Segway Tours Manila lets you ride those babies on the walls of the historic district, so you’re sure to get a different view from up there. Make it extra fun by racing each other. Loser buys drinks, winner gets a kiss!

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4Relive your childhood at an arcade

things to do on valentine's day
Image Credit: @ilovetimezone via Instagram

Arcades like Timezone and PowerStation are guaranteed fun, especially if it comes with a wave of nostalgia. With so many games to try, both classic and new, you and your date won’t have to sit through any dull moments. Plus points if you win enough tickets to get your date something cute to remember the day by.

5Explore abandoned heritage buildings

things to do on valentine's day
Image Credit: @viinnyyyy via Instagram

For a date that has a bit of a fear factor and a whole lot of culture and history, go on a tour of the city’s abandoned heritage buildings. There are a lot of them: the PNR Paco Station, the Metropolitan Theater, and the Capitol Theater to name a few. Most of them will be in the Escolta area, too. The sight of these buildings’ beautiful decrepitude will definitely spur conversation. You’ll have a lot of Instagram material as well.

6Head to Quiapo and have your fortunes read

things to do on valentine's day
Image Credit: @layovertomarj via Instagram

Whether you believe in them or not, the fortune tellers of Quiapo are certainly worth a listen. Choose the medium (tarot or palm) and watch your future unfold before your eyes. If you’re comfortable enough with your date, you can even ask for a reading on your future as a couple. Just remember: there are no guarantees you’ll get the response you want. Anyway, if the cards don’t work in your favor, don’t worry. Quiapo is also known for selling gayuma (love potion).

7Book a room at Victoria Court… for a (SFW) photo shoot

things to do on valentine's day
Image Credit: @victoriacourtvc via Instagram

Okay, so heading to Victoria Court may sound like one of the more common things to do on Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, you may raise eyebrows by inviting your date to the notorious motel chain. But if you show them VC’s catalog of themed rooms they’ll probably get your point. They have, for instance, a Venice-themed room with a gondola for a bed. They also have a Moulin Rouge room, as well as a Game of Thrones one. And another room that is almost an exact replica of the Oval Office. Really, you and your date will be too busy taking photos and laughing at how extra everything is to do anything else.

Coming up with things to do on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. Most especially if you really want the date to be perfect. But with the right company and a sense of adventure and humor, anything you do is sure to be special.

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