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8 Korean Thriller Movies To Watch If You Loved Train To Busan

South Korean dramas and movies are renowned the world over, but it was only Train to Busan that brought to the consciousness of the Filipinos at how amazing they are when it comes to producing suspense films. The zombie apocalypse movie has been dominating the local box office and has become one of the Korean thriller movies to watch lest you stay behind on all the buzz.

If the amount of Train to Busan memes is not enough proof, the raving reviews on social media and leading online magazines surely show that the movie now has quite a following.

Lucky for us, there are ample South Korean thrillers to cure our insatiable desire to watch other gory and suspenseful movies. Check out these other Korean thriller movies to watch at the soonest time you can!

1The Host (2006)

After a biochemical hazard was unleashed on the sewage in Seoul, a monster is born under the depths of the Han River. Soon, it’s terrorizing the peaceful riverbanks and dragging humans into its lair. A teenage girl is dragged alive into the monster’s hideout, and her family tries everything to bring her back.

The kaiju film has enough suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat and enough humor to keep you entertained until the last scenes. The director Bong Joon-Ho was catapulted to fame because of this masterpiece movie.

2Deranged (2012)

There must something in the water, and people are suddenly thirsty, clambering to the nearest water source they can find and eventually drowning themselves in the process. It’s an epidemic with no known cause, and the body count is growing way faster than anyone can control. A father does everything in his power to find a cure, especially after finding his family infected with the disease. It’s a race against time to find a solution as the viral infection shows no sign of stopping.

3The Wailing (2016)

If there are some more South Korean thriller movies to watch that can rival Train to Busan, it has to be The Wailing.

Mysterious things start happening in a small town upon the arrival of a Japanese stranger. Local cops are suddenly called from their usual mundane duties to face a murder case for the first time. It could have been just a usual crime till the body count starts increasing. People are suddenly showing zombie-like symptoms that inevitably lead to death. The cops had no choice but to call a shaman to help them solve the case, but the worst is yet to come for the small town.

4Hide and Seek (2013)

Some thrillers are in-your-face suspense, while some take their time to build the tension and surprise you at the perfect moment.

What will you do if you learn that someone is living in your home without your knowledge? What will happen if this someone starts invading your household, with plans of taking it from you? In Hide and Seek, the horror lurks in the shadows, and homeowners have no idea that exists until it finally emerges to steal the life of the occupants.

5Chaw (2009)

A mutant killer pig starts wreaking havoc in the quaint, crime-free town of Sammaeri. Five people band together to find the root cause of the problem, chasing god-knows-what in the mountain. The danger heightens as more tourists flock to the small town for an upcoming festival, falling victim to the man-eating pig.

Mixing black comedy with suspense, grit, and horror, the movie promises an enjoyable and campy horror flick. The effects may seem outdated, and it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s still one of the mighty entertaining Korean thriller movies to watch.

6Bedevilled (2010)

Tired from all the stress working at a bank in Seoul, Hae-Won accepts the invitation of an old friend to visit a small island town where she spent her childhood. There, she is welcomed by her old friend Bok-Nam, but she soon learns the horror that Bok-Nam faces in the island. When a tragic event befalls her daughter, Bok-Nam goes on a rampage with a sickle in hand.

7Snowpiercer (2013)

This joint South Korea-Czech production is a highly acclaimed sci-fi movie that features some of the biggest names in Hollywood. But the genius behind the critically acclaimed English-language thriller film is Bong Joon-Ho, the director of The Host.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the last surviving humans are aboard a never-stopping train. Curtis, played by Chris Evans, leads a revolt to overpower the tyrants ruling the train. The movie is not just action-packed, but it also offers a close look at how social dynamics work, even after the world has supposedly ended.

8Seoul Station (2016)

A prequel to Train to Busan, Seoul Station shows how the zombie epidemic started in Seoul.

It follows the story of Suk-Gyu as he looks for her runaway daughter Hye-Sun, who barely escapes working at a brothel. But even before they find their way towards each other, there’s a zombie outbreak in the city. They need to overcome hurdles set up by the riot between zombies and humans, and the barricades set up by the military.

When it comes to giving scares and tugging at the emotions all at the same time, the South Korean filmmakers know how to do it best.

Can you recommend other South Korean thriller movies to watch as heart-stopping and exciting as Train to Busan?

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