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8 Pinoy Fast Food Chains We All Love

People can say what they want about fast food, but we all know that it exists for a reason. Whether you’re eating in a rush or just on a tight budget, a fast-food restaurant can mean the difference between starvation and survival. In terms of fast food, the Philippines has all the international favorites like McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King. But we’ve also got several homegrown chains that cater especially to the Filipino palette. Here are eight Pinoy fast food chains that we love:


Image Credit: @jollibee via Instagram

Jollibee is without a doubt the king of all Pinoy fast food chains. Its following is so huge—from beauty queens to OFWs to pretty much everyone—it’s almost a religion. If you’re a Jollibee noob, make sure you try the Chickenjoy and the Burger Steak!

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Image Credit: @chowkingph via Instagram

It may be inspired by Chinese cuisine, but Chowking is still distinctly Filipino. The fast food chain is a great place to go if you’re in the moodle (the mood for noodles), or if you’re in need of some nice warm soup. Also, their siopao and halo-halo are iconic.

3Mang Inasal

Mang Inasal
Image Credit: @chris_py11 via Instagram

Mang Inasal is known for their Bacolod-style grilled chicken, which manages to be savory and tangy at the same time. This is the fast-food place you hit up if you want something other than fried food. Also, their dine-in meals come with unlimited rice, so it’s best to come on an empty stomach to get your money’s worth.

4Tropical Hut

Tropical Hut
Image Credit: @chilisauceboss via Instagram

Tropical Hut is one of the most seriously underrated Pinoy fast food chains. Since the ’60s, this place has been known to have the juiciest burgers in town. Head here if you’ve got a burger craving you need to answer.


Andok's Chicken
Image Credit: @betinatalavera via Instagram

Known for their lechon manok (roast chicken), Andok’s is definitely a classic. One of the great things about this restaurant is that it’s literally everywhere, even if it’s just a pop-up stall on the side of the road. Apart from the lechon manok, the liempo (grilled pork belly), fried chicken, and fried pork chop are favorites.

6Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo
Image Credit: @chriszelmanaois via Instagram

While this restaurant is a slap in the face for true Japanese food enthusiasts, their dishes are actually quite satisfying. In particular, their tempura and chicken teriyaki merit a taste. Their interesting takes on sushi are also worth a try. Oh, and did we mention they have unlimited rice as well?

7Manang’s Chicken

Manang's Chicken
mage Credit: @manangschicken via Instagram

Manang’s Chicken is the Pinoy’s answer to the double-fried chicken made popular by Koreans. It started out as a food market find sold by an enterprising lawyer based on the recipe of her beloved housekeeper. Now, their famous fried chicken is everywhere, and for a good reason. It’s impossible to resist the crisp and juicy, glazed in a special sweet-savory secret sauce.

8Tapa King

Tapa King
Image Credit: @jeffreyhing via Instagram

Tapa King has been around for a while (since 1987 to be exact), and since then, it’s become the go-to place for the ultimate Pinoy breakfast/ hangover food: Tapsilog. It’s basically beef strips cooked to flavorful, tender perfection and served with garlic rice, egg, and a side of achara (pickled papaya)—and Tapa King does it best. The original sweet-salty Tapa King variant is a must-try, but it’s the Tapa Queen, which has a spicy kick, that truly reigns supreme.

These beloved Pinoy fast food chains are heroes in their own right. They keep people’s bellies full even in the face of budget and time constraints. But more importantly, these homegrown restaurants keep Filipino flavors alive, even if they’re inspired by foreign food! That, if anything, make us especially proud to be Pinoy.

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