8 Reasons Why Bantayan Should Be The Next Island You Visit [Guest Post]

If this doesn’t get you there, I don’t know what will. Here are 8 reasons that will make Bantayan Island your next island to visit.

1The most beautiful seashells

I can’t walk down a beach without staring at the ground whether there are seashells or not. My eyes are glued to the ground, and Bantayan has the best shell selection. It was best to look for them in the morning as that seemed to be low tide, and further down the beach (to the right if you’re facing the ocean) from Yooneek Resort (my headquarters, even though I wasn’t staying there) had a lot more to choose from.

2The beach

bantayan beach

This should be enough reason to go, shell searching or not. For having quite a few hotels and small resorts, the beach was nowhere near as busy as I expected. On my first morning, I walked along the water, hands full of shells, taking pictures, and saw maybe eight other people. Most of them were locals going about their daily business. And this was at 10:30 a.m. It got a little busier as the day went on, but people were still surprisingly sparse.

3The picture-perfect island

If you like taking pictures, boats, beaches, or any combination of those three things, this is the place for you. Boats line certain areas of the shore and the tree line. Pickings are not slim for boats to photograph. They are all sizes, colors, and conditions. There’s something for everyone.

4The spectacular sunrise and sunset

The sunrises and sunsets can both be seen from the main beach. You can plunk down and not leave your place all day, except for mango juice breaks, of course. And I can’t forget that the sun activity tends to be pretty spectacular. And if you’re lucky, you might get to see a cow receive a bath in the ocean at sunrise. Spoiler alert: It’s ADORABLE.

5The mango juice!

Which brings me to my next point, top of the line mango juice selection. I probably drank my weight in mango juice in the Philippines. Giordano’s and Yooneek have a delicious mango shake (I think made with milk) while Café del Mar has heavenly (milk-free) mango fruit shakes. This means it’s just mangoes and ice. I’m practically drooling just thinking about them.

6That burrito place in MJ square

The burrito place in MJ square, way in the back on the left side, is just heaven. And the owner will give recommendations based on what he does or doesn’t have, could or couldn’t get that day.

7The ease of getting around

It’s easy to get around the island. Scooters are available for rent. Tricycle drivers will offer you a ride a couple of times every block in Santa Fe, and jeepneys are readily available on the main road to take you to Old Bantayan. And everything in Santa Fe is within a few minutes of walking distance from each other (except for the hotels out of the town, of course).

8Bantayan’s proximity to Cebu City!

And best of all (after the seashells), it’s easy to get to and from Cebu City! Simply take a bus from the north bus terminal to Bogo, another bus to Hagnaya port, a ferry to Santa Fe, and finally a scooter or tricycle to your accommodation. It sounds like a lot, but it’s really easy. And totally worth it.

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