90s Beauty Products

These ’90s Beauty Products Will Give You So Much Nostalgia

If you grew up in the ’90s or 2000s, chances are you have encountered a bunch of iconic beauty products that you would want to keep forever. Whether these products are from the drugstore, direct sellers, or high-end boutiques, these beauty gems from the not-so-distant past will bring you so many memories and feelings! Get to know the ’90s beauty products that will make you take a trip down memory lane:

Perla Laundry Soap

Perla is primarily marketed as laundry soap, but women have discovered that the soap is gentle enough to use on skin. When used on the skin, Perla is believed to be a remedy for drying and taming pimples, as well as lightening acne scars. Perla is also believed to keep your skin smooth and baby-soft. Aside from these amazing benefits, did you know that Perla can keep annoying cockroaches at bay?

Lux Shampoo

Although we now know Lux as a body and bath care brand, Lux used to be a hair care brand during the ’90s! ’90s kids will remember Lux shampoo for its fancy packaging and iconic commercials, which featured Donna Cruz, Donita Rose, and now-super couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres. If you remember their black shampoo, we’ll give you additional brownie points too!

Sebo de Macho

90s Beauty Products
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Made from mutton’s tallow (or sheep’s fat), sebo de macho is a trusted remedy for taming or removing new scars. At least once in your lifetime, your parents may have reminded you to put on this balm-like ointment after your wounds heal. Sebo de macho can also be used as a base for moisturizers, or as a foundation primer. We have to admit, the idea of using sebo de macho as a foundation primer is very intriguing.

Lip Smackers

90s Beauty Products
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You know you are a true ’90s kid when you know about the magic of Lip Smackers. Lip Smackers come in various flavors, from your standard strawberry to the delightful Dr. Pepper. If anything, a tube of Lip Smacker is probably the first product that introduced you to the wonderful world of makeup!

Chin Chun Su Face Cream

90s Beauty Products
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Don’t let the affordable price and packaging of this face cream fool you. The Chin Chun Su face cream will zap zits, lighten acne scars, and brighten your complexion as if you are the most radiant person in the room. The Chin Chun Su face cream is a well-kept beauty secret from our grandmothers, and is now a cult beauty product in the Pinoy beauty community! It is one of the ’90s beauty products that has stood the test of time.

Eskinol Facial Deep Cleansers

Ever since its inception in 1945, Eskinol continues to be one of the most popular skin care products in the Philippines. Eskinol’s range of deep facial cleansers is known to take away dirt, oil, and excess makeup. It will leave your skin feeling brand new after every use. Eskinol has also expanded its product range with facial washes and scrubs too! Some of Eskinol’s most popular faces over the years are Vilma Santos, KC Concepcion, Angel Locsin, Rhian Ramos, Julia Montes, and Maine Mendoza.

Johnson’s Pure Essentials Face Powder

90s Beauty Products
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Just like a trusty tube of Lip Smacker, the Johnson’s Pure Essentials Face Powder was considered a must-have for teenage girls who are planning to start their beauty journey. Since its inception in 1990, the Johnson’s Pure Essentials Face Powder is a convenient, purse-friendly alternative to Johnson’s baby powder as a product to combat unnecessary shine. Despite numerous iterations and variants, this pressed powder remains to be a regular fixture in beauty counters everywhere.

The ’90s and the 2000s have introduced us to potentially life-changing and iconic beauty products. Some of these ’90s beauty products were reminders of our experiences during our childhood and teenage years. Despite some of these being discontinued, it’s fun (and sometimes embarrassing) to look back at some of the products that have made a mark on how we see and experience beauty.

Do you still remember all the beauty products you loved as a teen? Let us know in the comments!

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