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The Achy Breaky Hearts Teaser Is Here!

Last month, Star Cinema announced that Ian Veneracion, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Richard Yap will star in a movie together. Fans of Jodi Sta. Maria’s pairings with these actors on television will surely be excited that this film will feature the three of them as a love triangle! What is equally exciting is that Antoinette Jadaone will be the one directing the film, and expect it to give you all sorts of feels! If you are one of the fans who wished for this movie, then you are in for a treat.

The film, called The Achy Breaky Hearts, is about a woman named Chinggay (played by Jodi Sta. Maria) dealing with the stigma of singlehood in her thirties. Based on the film’s premise, she encounters two men (played by Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap, respectively), and a love triangle ensues between them.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Jadaone explained that the movie is going to focus more on Chinggay rather than letting her end up with either one of the leading men. Meanwhile, as we wait for the film’s release, here is the TV teaser:

Based on the teaser, we can predict that this film is going to be popular with moviegoers, especially with fans of Jodi Sta. Maria’s onscreen pairings with Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap. Also, many women can relate to Chinggay’s predicament, and it will sure drum up a conversation on society’s expectations for women when it comes to relationships and marriage.

Can you tell that we are beyond ecstatic to see Richard, Jodi, and Ian together in one movie? In order to add to the excitement, here are some behind-the-scenes snaps!

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Image Credit: @tonet_jadaone via Instagram
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Image Credit: @tonet_jadaone via Instagram

Pag may kasama ka nang matakot sa horror… (📸: @ppagong)

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The Achy Breaky Hearts will be shown on June 29 in cinemas nationwide. See you!

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