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Amidala Café: The Galaxy That Is Not So Far Away

Calling all Star Wars geeks, Jedis, and fans! Are you ready for the ultimate intergalactic experience of your life? Come on down to Amidala Café; the first Star Wars themed café in Cebu.

Strongly in theme

amidala café
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Amidala Café is the ultimate go-to place for anyone and everyone who wants to have an out-of-this-world coffee experience. The interior and the vibe of the place will definitely take every Star Wars fan rocketing back to their childhood with the feels you’ll be getting during your stay. Not only that—even the baristas serving you are so on point with the theme as they wear their Star Wars masks.

amidala café
Image Credit: @amidalacafe via Instagram

The place is always packed and may not be able to accommodate all young and old padawans especially in the afternoon peak hours. Make sure you come in early or during non-peak hours to dodge the long queue and big groups.

amidala café
Image Credit: @amidalacafe via Instagram

In Amidala Café, you are a Jedi, or whatever Star Wars character you wanna be for that day. Hang out with your trusted stead, Chewy, who is literally hanging from the ceiling. Be comfortable with their in-theme throw pillows. Hop in the Millennium Falcon, and have a top view of the café from the loft that can accommodate three to six people.

Intergalactic milkshakes!

amidala café

Amidala Café offers a wide variety of coffees, milkshakes, and pastries to choose from and, not to mention, at very reasonable prices.

We’ve tried their milkshakes, and they all looked like they came straight from the milkshake gods. They were all too cute to feast on! Some of the best-selling ones are the Choco CarameLeia, Wookies Milkshake, and StrawberRey Milkshake.

amidala café

Choco CarameLeia is made of caramelized popcorn topped with a sugar cone.

amidala café

Wookies milkshake is your go-to cookies and cream drizzled with Nutella and chocolate and topped with Oreos and chocolate chip cookie.

amidala café

StrawberRey milkshake is the classic strawberry milkshake topped with a big marshmallow and candy-colored, star-shaped sprinkles!

If these are the things they have in the galaxy far, far away, then one spaceship ticket, please!

The verdict

amidala café

Our favorite weapon of choice to fight the dark side is from the Wookies side with my Wookies Milkshake. The chocolatey rich flavor tickled my taste buds until the very last drop. But if you would really rather be on the dark side, delight yourself with their Force Choke Milkshake.

By really,  don’t miss out on the Wookies and StrawberRey milkshakes, both were undeniably good!

Grab your Star Wars collectibles here

Another good news for all you Star Wars fans! You can buy collectible items and Star Wars memorabilia in Amidala Café.

If you live and breathe Star Wars, then you better not miss out on dropping by. The force is strong in Amidala Café! And you’ll surely love this little nook to the Death Star and back.

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Amidala Café
Maria Cristina Street, Maria Cristina Arcade Building, Kamputhaw, Cebu City
Open on daily from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on weekdays, and from 2:00 p.m to 12:00 a.m. on weekends
+63933 133 6277, +63905 667 7432

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