19 Questions With YouTube Beauty Guru Anne Clutz

When you talk of the many beauty vloggers in the Philippines, you’d be hard-pressed not to mention Anne Clutz. Anne Clutario, or Anne Clutz as she is known online, is a longtime beauty vlogger and life vlogger who generously shares her big and small moments with viewers online.

Both her beauty channel and daily life channel are peppered with snippets of authenticity. Indeed, the reason viewers keep coming back is that she’s so real and relatable! We had a chance to chat with Anne Clutz herself and ask her about her blogging life, home life, and some good random fun in between!

Anne Clutz answers our must-know questions!

anne clutz

1. What do you love about making videos online? 
Anne Clutz: I love the entire process of creating ideas for my content, filming, and editing. In short, I love everything about it.

2. Which one is your fave so far? 
AC: Definitely, the part where I create or form ideas for my videos which gets my creative juices flowing! [laughs]

3. What is a typical day like for you?
AC: Just at home—filming or editing while my baby is sleeping.

4. Have people recognized you when you’re out? How do you react to this newfound fame?
AC: Yes. I think it’s awesome that people recognize me even if I am a hot mess most of the time, when out running errands considering I always wear makeup on my videos. Honestly, I look better on videos than in real life! [laughs]

5. If you weren’t making videos, what would you be doing?
AC: At home, probably playing The Sims 4 while taking care of my babies.

6. Who are your YouTube idols?
AC: Judy Travis of Itsjudytime, Jenna Marbles, KathleenLights, and Jaclyn Hill

7. What do you see yourself doing in the future?
AC: Still vlogging. 😀

8. Who or what is your dream collab?
AC: YouTuber – Judy, of course! Brand – McDonald’s? [laughs]

Anne Clutz shares her favorite brands and products

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9. What are your fave local and international makeup brands?
AC: Local – EB Advance, San San, Nichido, Fashion 21; International – Revlon, L’Oreal

10. Which type of beauty product do you get most excited about?
AC: Foundations!

11. Which skin care or beauty tips do you think are most important for women?
AC: Removing makeup before sleeping, definitely!

12. If you could give a piece of advice to your subscribers, what would it be?
AC: Never doubt yourself.

13. What should your subscribers expect from you soon?
AC: Giveaways! And more videos, of course.

14. What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
AC: Eyebrow product.

15. Can you show us what’s inside your bag?
AC: Right now it is empty. But usually, it has a lipstick, powder, blotter, wallet, umbrella, phone, power bank inside.

Some extra things about Anne Clutz

anne clutz

16. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
AC: Sinigang!

17. If you could give your younger self some useful advice, what would it be?
AC: Choose your friends carefully.

18. Given the chance, which famous person would you like to meet someday? 
AC: Judy Travis! #foreverfan

19. If you could have background music playing wherever you go, what song would it be?
AC: “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony [laughs]

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