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Baguio Craft Brewery: Beer Heaven On A Mountain

Beer is an art form. This is what Baguio Craft Brewery reminds us.

We often forget that beer, in its purest form, takes skill and sheer knowledge to be brewed to perfection. In Europe, they call it “liquid bread.” After all, brewing beer commercially and in massive amounts entail chemicals that kill the nutrients usually found in craft beers on tap. Without these chemicals, beer is as good as food with enough nutrients to get you by healthily for a while.

Baguio Craft Brewery
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This is why owners of Baguio Craft Brewery don’t complain about tasting the beer every morning as part of their job. Not only does beer sound like a pretty good and pretty healthy idea for breakfast, the owners have a commitment to their product and brand. They have to make sure that their beer is perfectly brewed for everybody to enjoy at the start of the day. Having tried several of their brews the night we visited, we can attest to the dedication the owners have to make this place the heaven for beer drinkers.

Sure, it does take 5 hours by land just to get to Baguio Craft Brewery but we are sure these reasons will get you packing for a beer experience that you can include in your Baguio itinerary!

Beer that is uniquely their own

Baguio Craft Brewery
Image Credit: Baguio Craft Brewery via Facebook

At Baguio Craft Brewery, they brew their beer on site, with natural ingredients, most of which are sourced locally. The owners of the brewery continuously study and experiment with these ingredients to creatively and skillfully brew unique flavors of beer that can only be found under their roof. This is an experience in itself. Their identity is made up of their beers which are uniquely their own.

Baguio Craft Brewery
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At the time of our visit, they had 16 flavors available on tap. There were 9 flavors for India Pale Ale, 3 flavors for fruit beers and 4 for their Wheat/Stout selection. This constantly changes depending on what beer is available. It takes months to finish a brew and the availability of flavors is dependent upon their brewing cycle.

Baguio Craft Brewery
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We hear that apart from the flavors available now, there are several more flavors that they are about to launch once they are done brewing. This idea of a whole new world of beer is immensely exciting—definitely a reason to come back again and again.

The beer and food combo experience

Baguio Craft Brewery
Image Credit: Baguio Craft Brewery via Facebook

Fulfilling a complete gastronomic experience with beer requires food, of course. Baguio Craft Brewery has an extensive food menu that will also leave you craving for more. They have elevated the typical beer experience and they do just the same with their food. Some of their food items are even beer-infused. This makes every platter just as exciting as every glass they serve.

What to get? We say try the Premium Sausage Platter (PHP 550). If you’re up for their take on street food, you can grab a plate of Stout Isaw (PHP 250). For something a lot more sinful, a bowl of Chicken Skin (PHP 300) with a glass of beer sounds like an excellent idea.

Awesome people

Baguio Craft Brewery
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One thing we love about Baguio is that people seem significantly warmer. Must be a little compensation for the cold weather! Kidding aside, it’s quite a change of environment to be surrounded by such friendly people. This is something that’s rather evident in Baguio Craft Brewery.

Their staff members are commendably approachable. This is despite the sheer amount of people coming in and out of the place every second! Customers and staff converse in such a friendly manner that it seems to be a small community in itself. After all, isn’t this why people love beer anyway? It brings people together no matter how foreign or diverse we are.

Baguio Craft Brewery also features talented individuals. Some nights, you might catch an acoustic set by local artists on their deck.

The place is an experience

Baguio Craft Brewery
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Baguio Craft Brewery has a branch in Subic. While that is a completely different experience in itself and it is a much shorter drive from Manila, we still say that the Baguio Craft Brewery in Baguio is definitely worth visiting. After all, this is where it all started.

To witness the full experience of this brewery, you have to be in Baguio. The rawness of the place, the spirit of the place brings a distinct feeling one can’t put a finger on.

There is something about the right mix of rustic and industrial aesthetic of their two-story brewery that makes them incredibly distinct. And, really, imagine this—a cold freshly brewed beer on tap in an al fresco drinking space overlooking Baguio. Who would not want to experience that?

Here at Philihappy, we are always in search for people and places that leave us in awe with the amount of dedication they put into making something brilliant. When we visited Baguio Craft Brewery, we found just that—true Filipino artistry served in a glass of beer.

Baguio Craft Brewery
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P.S. They sell to-go beers in can. You’re welcome.

Baguio Craft Brewery – Baguio
120 RKC Building, Marcos Highway, Baguio City
Open daily from 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. daily
+63 74 422 5043
Facebook, Instagram

Baguio Craft Brewery – Subic
Riverwalk, Habor Point Ayala Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

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