bean & yolk café
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Bean & Yolk Café: Where Coffee Marries Eggs

Tucked in one of the quieter parts of Poblacion in Makati, Bean & Yolk Café is a new all-day breakfast café that focuses on two of our favorite breakfast staples: eggs and coffee. For a couple like us who love brunch, Bean & Yolk Café tickled our curiosity.

Inside Bean & Yolk Café

As you enter, the owners and their friendly staff will greet you and welcome you into the cozy space. The interior is very simple with its industrial look, which seems to be the trend for coffee shops nowadays. Regardless, we thought it was apt to reflect Bean & Yolk’s direct menu.

bean & yolk café

Bean & Yolk Café’s area is small, but we found it interesting that the only thing that separates the dining area from the kitchen is a counter where you order.

bean & yolk café
Image Credit: @beandandyolkph via Instagram

But even more impressive is their espresso machine where they pull their shots of caffeine! It’s a sight to see them whip up your order; it’s like people-watching only better because it involves food and coffee!

bean & yolk café
Image Credit: @beandandyolkph via Instagram

Although we went there on a beautiful Saturday morning, we were surprised to see the place packed with hungry diners on the weekend. We thought it must be excellent because people were willing to wake up early for it. There are only a few tables available in Bean & Yolk Café and also a few outside, so it’s best to come early to secure a spot.

The bean

Bean & Yolk Café gives its customers a variety of specialty coffee and milkshakes. Expect the classics (Americano, espresso, and latte) and their coffee-infused featured drinks to be made only with Brazil Yellow Bourbon coffee. There are only a few coffee shops in the city using this kind of bean for their coffee, so it was an extra treat for us when we found out that they use it here.

What’s so special about it? Brazil Yellow Bourbon is an heirloom variety of Arabica that produces coffee that is relatively low in acidity with sweet and nutty flavors. Brazilian coffee is usually good with espresso blends, but Yellow Bourbon is amazing on its own.

bean & yolk café

With high expectations, we tried the Americano (PHP 110). True enough, the classic cup was so good and delivered just the right amount of coffee kick. It did not have the overpowering bitter taste that other Americano drinks usually have.

bean & yolk café

Then, there was the B & Y Mocha (PHP 185) which we tried cold for a refreshing take. It was the perfect balance between the coffee taste and the chocolate flavor. Bean & Yolk Café uses two different kinds of chocolate for this mocha, and imagine the smiles on our faces when we tasted real chocolate bits in the drink! The bits were a cute factor that we will come back to try again.

Other must try’s are their gianduja (hazelnut) selections—latte and milkshake.

The yolk

Remember when you were young, and your grandma or your mom would always tell you to eat your eggs? Well, here at Bean & Yolk Café, all their dishes use eggs.

bean & yolk café

The first thing we tried was the Chorizo Mama (PHP 250) which was composed of homemade chorizo patty, fried egg, a slice of cheddar cheese, and barbecue mayo in a brioche bun. We swear it tastes as good as it sounds! All the flavors blended perfectly resulting in a satisfying breakfast sandwich.

bean & yolk café

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Bean & Yolk’s Cara’s Fave (PHP 175) puts an interesting take on the regular grilled cheese by using two kinds of cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar, with fried egg, and hot honey. It’s a good combination of sweet and salty that is pretty filling.

bean & yolk café

Matcha! Matcha! Matcha! Since we’re a matcha made in heaven (get it?), we ended our meal with their dark chocolate matcha cookie (PHP 75) which was freshly baked and melt-in-your-mouth delish. All the flavors were on point, from the rich dark chocolate taste to the matcha flavor.

PHILIHAPPY PRO TIP: Ask for their off-the-menu specialties, too! You won’t regret it.

This marriage gets our approval

bean & yolk café
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When coffee and eggs have a baby, it would be Bean & Yolk Café—and it’s a beautiful baby. We love the uncomplicated interiors of wood and metal without sacrificing the cozy feel we seek in a café. Their coffee and simple food items are undeniably good. And as if those were not enough to keep us coming back, everything is reasonably priced!

Bean & Yolk Café truly does justice to our well-loved breakfast couple that we believe it deserves all the recognition it is getting from its customers. It’s a great place to have coffee and a great place to have breakfast any time of the day. Definitely, the Bean & Yolk Café experience gets our seal of approval.

Bean & Yolk Café
Unit G6 Bel Air Soho Suites, Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Open on Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m
+63920 926 7587

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