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Best Batangas Beaches For Your Next Group Vacation

Longing for the salty breeze as your toes play with the sand? Or finding an excuse to drink by the beach and stare at those waves? Time seems to stand still when you are able to hear your own thoughts without the city distractions. If you’re ready, bring your itchy feet to the southern part of Luzon! There’s no need to jump board a plane to satisfy that sweet escape to the sea when you’ve got Batangas beaches at your fingertips.

Here lies Batangas, famous for its beautiful churches, kapeng barako, and delicious goto. It is also home to some of the most accessible beaches away from the city. Let your inner beach bum take over. If you’re ready, let’s start exploring this list of Batangas beaches worthy of your next summer visit!


batangas beaches
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Matabungkay Beach used to be a small fishing village until city goers discovered this paradise. It has a fantastic shoreline where you can do all sorts of activities. If you’re lucky, there are floating huts where you can grab a quick bite or chill out with family or friends. When the weather is perfect, the crystal clear waters will invite you over for a swim under the sun. Its waters are so calm that you’d be tempted to sleep on your floater. Young children can wade in its shallow waters as their parents watch from a safe distance.

How to get there

At the EDSA (Pasay Rotonda) bus station, take the Nasugbu/Lian bus. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Bayan. At the market, board a jeepney headed for Matabungkay Beach.

2Laiya, San Juan

batangas beaches
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This long stretch is filled with a wide range of resorts catered to every budget. Laiya is an ideal place for spontaneous barkada trips or family summer vacations. Active people won’t get bored here! This is because there are all kinds of activities that you can do like kayaking, jet skiing, and even snorkeling. Fine white to cream colored sand meet your weary feet. The waters are shallow up to a certain point and drop deeper as you venture out to the sea. Your swimming and floating skills should kick in once the towering waves keep hitting the shore!

How to get there

At the EDSA, Cubao, or Alabang bus station, board the bus going to San Juan. Tell the conductor to drop you off at the Municipal Hall. Find and ride the jeep going to Laiya or Hugom. Another option would be to take a tricycle from the Municipal Hall.


batangas beaches
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Unlike most Batangas beaches, Nasugbu’s fine sands bear a darker shade ranging from gray to black. Several coves make up this area. However, most of these beaches are located within private subdivisions. Visitors often head to Puenta Fuego, Hamilo Coast, Kawayan Cove, and Tali Beach for a relaxing haven away from the city. Hop on a boat to Fortune Island if you want to see Greek-inspired ruins that are definitely Instagram-worthy!

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How to get there

At one of the bus stations located at EDSA or Buendia, take the one headed for Nasugbu, Batangas. Get dropped off at your preferred beach or resort.

4Anilao, Mabini

batangas beaches
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Recently, Anilao is becoming one of the most recognized diving sites in the world. That is why you won’t be surprised to mingle with both local and international divers when you visit! The waters of Anilao are pristine and transparent right to the bottom floor. Yes, you can even see the fish swimming about the corals!

How to get there

At the Buendia or Cubao bus station, catch the bus going to Batangas City. Tell the conductor you’ll be getting off the Batangas City Bus Terminal. From there, board a jeepney headed for Mabini-Batangas. At the Anilao Port, find a tricycle that will bring you to your chosen resort.


batangas beaches
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Just off Anilao, Tingloy awaits you. Masasa Beach lies pretty on this part of the island. It has the tendency of showing off its fine ivory-colored sand in contrast to its neighboring blue waters. We like this private paradise for what it is with no intentions of tourism development.

How to get there

Go to Buendia or Cubao bus station, depending on which one is closest to you. Board the bus headed for Batangas City. Jump off at Batangas City Bus Terminal. Head to Mabini-Batangas by jeepney. At Anilao Port, find a boat headed for Tingloy.


batangas beaches
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Healing a broken heart after a failed relationship? Or looking for a place that will inspire you during a quarter-life crisis? Whatever your reason is, travelers will find solace in this gray and white pebbled beach. Out of the rest, it is one of the farthest Batangas beaches that not everyone will travel to. If you’re looking for that one beach away from the summer crowd, Malabrigo Beach is your best match yet.

How to get there

At any bus station closest to you, get on the bus bound for Batangas Pier. Ask the conductor to be dropped off at Grand Terminal. Find the jeep headed for Batangas City-Balagtas. Ask the driver to get dropped off at Lobo Jeepney Terminal. There, find one going to Lobo.


batangas beaches
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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rubbing elbows with some of the country’s wealthiest families at Calatagan. They have purchased beachfront properties especially in Calatagan. On your way there, you’ll even pass through an orchard of trees. They sit right beside the vast polo field owned by the Zobel de Ayala (not a beachfront property though). Swimming isn’t advisable here due to a jagged coastline. However, it gives you an excuse to set up a bonfire and have a round of drinks with your barkada.

How to get there

At the Pasay or Alabang bus station, take the bus headed for Calatagan. Ask the conductor to be dropped off at the town proper. Ask any tricycle to drop you off at your chosen destination.

Plan this summer by going beach hopping to any of these gorgeous Batangas beaches. Ditch your typical night out in the city and chill to a different vibe where the water meets the sky. One thing’s for sure, you will definitely enjoy returning to some of the most accessible beaches in the country. Make it a memorable outing with your loved ones such as your family or best friends!

Are you aware of other hidden paradise in Batangas? If so, do share these places with Philihappy by commenting below or tagging @Philihappy on Instagram.

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