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The Best Cebu Lechon And Where To Find It

The lechon (roast pig) always takes center stage on the buffet table during grand Filipino celebrations like fiestas, reunions, and weddings to name a few. Although you can find this Philippine pork delicacy all over the country, Cebu has bagged the perfect recipe. Cebu lechon is world-renowned, and in fact, when Anthony Bourdain visited the country, he said that it was the best pig ever.

Now, where to you get your fix of the best Cebu lechon? Here are our top picks!

1Rico’s Lechon

rico's lechon
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Whether you are looking for the classic or spicy variety, you can never go wrong with a bite of Rico’s Lechon. The family-owned business has been around for some time now and is the pioneer in spicy lechon.

Their pigs are considered one of the best lechon in Cebu as they are packed full of flavors that you do not even need a dipping sauce for. If you plan to dine in any of their two restaurants, you can also ask for their house special Sukalami sauce to get an extra kick. For non-meat-eaters, their restaurant serves a wide array of vegetable and seafood dishes.

We highly recommend the spicy Cebu lechon, lechon fried rice, trio of seaweeds salad, and pancit canton.

Rico’s Lechon
F. Cabahug Street, Mabolo
Mactan Promenade near the Mactan International Airport
Order online through their website

2Cebu’s Ayer Lechon

cebu's ayer lechon
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The moment you get in the domestic departure area of the Mactan International Airport, one of the things you will probably notice is the small Cebu’s Ayer Lechon kiosk across the terminal gates.

Ayer Lechon prides itself in having one of the best Cebu lechons because of the fresh native pigs they use. Their restaurants offer several Filipino meat dishes including bopis, dinuguan, and paksiw. Another unique thing about Ayer is that it serves kimchi after finding out that many Koreans loved pairing it with lechon.

Cebu’s Ayer Lechon
Take-out station: Domestic Departure area at the Mactan International Airport
Restaurants: Cebu Country Club, IT Park, SM City Cebu, Elizabeth Mall, and Gaisano South
Order online through their website


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During Anthony Bourdain’s visit to the Philippines, it was Zubuchon owner, Joel Binamira, who served what he dubbed as the best pig ever. Although the visit happened before the company was put up, Binamira said that he used the same recipe as what Zubuchon has now.

Zubuchon’s full-service restaurant offers a variety of dishes, sometimes sprinkled with Cebu lechon and sometimes not. A few personal favorites include the Five Pork Fried Rice and the lechon sisig.

Marina Mall, Lapu-Lapu City
More locations around Cebu

4Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

lechon belly
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A few years back, ordering by the kilo was not yet possible, and many people found that they couldn’t eat everything. Because the most flavorful part of the pig is its belly, the Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly concept was born.

What diners love even more is that they have deboned the lechon belly, providing an even better dining experience for everyone. The all-meat offering is still prepared the traditional way with open charcoal fire. They also spice it up using secret ingredients.

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly
Cebu Branches: Parkmall, Marina Mall, SM City Cebu, Elizabeth Mall, and more

Manila Branches: Mall of Asia, Festival Supermall, and SM Fairview


carcar lechon
Image Credit: @kentoi92 via Instagram

The mother of all roasted pigs in Cebu is in the city of Carcar. The lechon in this part of Cebu is slightly different than the others for theirs has more sauce. This means more flavors packed in every inch of pork meat. Of course, the skin is guaranteed extra crispy, too. Just think of Carcar lechon as the home-cooked roasted pig that your uncle and cousins prepared right at your backyard! Head over to Carcar Public Market, and pair your meal with puso (hanging rice) and a bottle of soda. Yum!

Pretty sure this list has left you drooling for lechon, right? Hop aboard a plane and satisfy your craving for the best Cebu lechon now!

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