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The Ultimate Binondo Food Trip Guide: Get Your Chinese Food Fix Now

The Filipino cuisine is unique compared to other Southeast Asian countries. Interestingly, it is the melting pot mainly drawn from Spanish and Chinese influences. If your taste buds are in the mood for Chinese food in Manila, the best place to head to is Binondo. Don’t be shy and tag your favorite food trip buddies on a scheduled date. Together, let’s explore these restaurants for the ultimate Binondo food trip!

1Eng Bee Tin

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @roviequije via Instagram

No one does hopia better than these guys. With over 25 flavors to choose from, sink your teeth into these soft and flaky bean-filled pastries. However, no one can beat their original flavors like ube, baboy (pork), and monggo. Since 1912, they continue to dominate the hopia sector by branching out into kiosks in popular malls. You’ll notice it right away because of its bright purple logo. Grab their ongoing promo in purchasing tikoy, a glutinous rice flour cake, until February 15th. Pasalubong, yes?

Eng Bee Tin
650 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 288 8888, +63 2 241 9999
Facebook, Instagram

2Shanghai Fried Siopao

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @ronchuanthegreat via Instagram

Nothing about this store screams attention except for its specialty, the fried siopao. Just under twenty pesos, you might not stop snacking at one but several. The filling, made with minced pork and vegetables, are seasoned exquisitely. The best surprise comes to the fried and crunchy bottom of each siopao. It makes a great pasalubong piece to bring home to your family. Aren’t you glad you discovered this during your Binondo food trip with us?

Shanghai Fried Siopao
828 Ongpin Street corner Bahamas Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 734 0886

3Tasty Dumplings

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @youhavebeendialyzed via Instagram

What’s not to love about dumplings? As long as it’s prepared and cooked right, we love it when it’s dipped with some chili or even paired with rice. Yes, we know how Filipinos love our rice! Sample their popular steamed dumplings, and you’ll find out why people keep coming back for more. If you’re looking for the real deal, take on the solo challenge of taking their ginormous pork chop. If not, you can always share it with your food buddy.

Tasty Dumplings
620 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 242 5195

4New Po Heng Lumpia House

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @wongkatherine via Instagram

Finding healthy options to Chinese food seems impossible. At New Po Heng Lumpia House, it’s possible! Why not take a bite of their Chinese Style Lumpia? This fresh lumpia consists of assorted vegetables like cabbage, cilantro, and carrots. You’ll even find bits of bihon, tofu, seaweed, and a hint of ground peanuts. Excite your taste buds as you pour a heavenly mixture of sweet and spicy sauce on top of the lumpia and add this to your Binondo food trip list!

New Po Heng Lumpia House
531 Uysubin Building, Quintin Paredes Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 241 8789


binondo food trip
Image Credit: @missgsfoodbuckets via Instagram

If you suddenly find yourself craving for noodles, twist a forkful of Chami Guisado. Though the size is good for one person, the rich flavor won’t disappoint. Savor these miki noodles swirl among ample pieces of liver, veggies, squid, and pork. It’s good to know that they’re generous when it comes to toppings!

580 F. Torres Street corner Gil Puyat, Santa Cruz, Manila
+63 2 733 0394, +63 2 733 0401

6Estero Fast Food

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @saytricianne via Instagram

Estero isn’t your typical cookie cutter restaurant so compartmentalize all your kaartehan. In fact, people might be grossed out that estero means water canal. This is understandable because this is where hygiene issues arise. Contrary to that, you can’t view the canal so breathe a sigh of relief. Also, the smell does disappear once you go into the air-conditioned rooms. This seemingly harmless hawker-type carinderia serves the best authentic Chinese dishes in town like frog legs. Select the best cooking method that delights you whether it is fried, buttered, or even sautéed in garlic. It is best paired up with Yang Chow fried rice that dissolves in your mouth with a hint of smoky taste.

Estero Fast Food
Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 644 4028

7Sincerity Café & Restaurant

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @darkwillow via Instagram

If you’re sick of the usual fast food options offering fried chicken, take a Binondo food trip and try Sincerity’s version of fried chicken. You won’t be disappointed by the crunchy and mouthwatering skin followed by soft white meat. If that’s not enough on your plate, you might like their oyster cake. It’s your omelet thrown with assorted veggies, delicious oysters, and crunchy bean sprouts. Flavors are enhanced once dipped into your favorite ketchup or hot sauce. No better way to sample them all than with a serving of rice!

Sincerity Café & Restaurant
G/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 241 9990, +63 2 241 9972

8Café Mezzanine

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @ronchuathegreat via Instagram

Eat for a good cause by helping out fire volunteers! Also dubbed as the Volunteer Firemen’s Coffee Shop, Café Mezzanine lies right on top of Eng Bee Tin. The reason behind this is because the partial revenue goes out to the local fire volunteers. Start the meal with a steaming bowl of Gokong Soup. It’ll fortify all your senses and help you feel better than the average chicken noodle soup. Known as the “poor man’s rice,” Kiampong is a kind of fried rice that’s mixed with soy sauce and mushrooms. Originally, it was just rice cooked with leftovers from the previous meals. Sounds yummy, anyway!

Café Mezzanine
2/F 650 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 288 8888
Facebook, Website

9Dong Bei Dumplings

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @serendipityshg via Instagram

Since we can’t get enough of dumplings, we need to add a second one to this Binondo food trip list. What we love about it is that it’s fresh and done right in front of you. The origins of their dumpling recipes can be traced back to northern China. An order of Kuchay pork dumplings will entice you to eat the entire thing, dipped in your favorite condiments. Nothing is as satisfying as finishing a whole plate with a friend!

Dong Bei Dumplings
642 Yuchengo Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 241 8912

10Masuki Mami House

binondo food trip
Image Credit: @jhaypanlilio via Instagram

As early as 1930’s, Masuki Mami House was recognized as Ma Kong Mami. The springiness of their noodles can be traced to the way it was made. They still make noodles the traditional way, which consists of kneading dough using a large wooden pole. Then, these fresh noodles are thrown into a machine for some action. Sample their delicious noodle dishes namely Beef Mami and Chicken Mami. Go for their siomai and siopao. For some reason, their signature sauce goes well with every dish, landing its spot on our list of places to visit for your Binondo food trip!

Masuki Mami House
929 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila
+63 2 243 2674

Why wait for tomorrow when you can head to Manila’s Chinatown now for a quick Chinese fix? Grab your family and friends for a Binondo food trip to these restaurants and order your favorites. Believe us; you’ll be coming back for more! The perfect excuse to go there is that Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Let’s celebrate, be merry, and eat some more delicious Chinese food!

Which ones are your favorite Chinese restaurants? Uh-oh! If Philihappy hasn’t included in the list, make sure to include yours by commenting below!

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