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9 Epic Videos To Re-Watch Before Britney Spears In Manila Becomes A Reality

With Britney Spears In Manila an actual thing happening this June, we can’t help but reminisce. Growing up, Britney was our America’s Sweetheart. She was the Princess of Pop. Scratch that, she is the Princess of Pop. We all know we tried copying her moves and style, and we usually got those ideas from her amazing music videos. We’re about to count nine of them that for sure, the minute you see, will play, stand up from wherever you are, and sing or dance along to.

1…Baby One More Time

Britney Spears probably had no idea her first single would make her the biggest thing since sliced bread. …Baby One More Time gave us the naughty girl high school feels all over. You probably even wanted to tie your school uniform too and braid your hair into pigtails.

That dance breakdown in the school gym and posing shot of Britney, basketball in hand, is marked in our brains forever. This was the video that made you a Britney fan and you know it.


Her follow-up hit, Sometimes, was the perfect summer jam. And the music video was all about that summer lovin’ feeling! From a beach setting to boardwalk choreography, Britney Spears gave us sweet and sexy all wrapped in white. This might have been the last image of super innocent Britney we’d see. Here’s to hoping she’ll sing Sometimes at her concert, Britney Spears in Manila, come June!

3Oops!…I Did It Again

And she did. As if …Baby One More Time wasn’t epic enough, Britney came back with a bang in Oops!…I Did It Again! Not to mention, in space. Spacewoman Britney squeezed tight into a hot red latex number, probably had our guy friends gaping, just like that astronaut.

With another contagious dance anthem, catchy lyrics, and a very expensive-looking video to match, Britney set herself for good as a bonafide pop sensation. We will just never understand the connection of Mars and Titanic, but that’s okay.


We really hope this wasn’t how Britney Spears was feeling at the time, but that Lucky music video hit us hard. Fame isn’t all it seems, perhaps. And if anything, Britney, or Lucky, seemed quite jaded by the looks of it. Representing Hollywood and all its mirrored glamor, our girl Britney still looked fabulous crying on her bed in a long, furry nightgown.

We just love how she portrayed so much emotion in a song and video that we can all relate to somehow. After all, having everything doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. But Britney Spears in Manila definitely will!

5I’m A Slave 4 U

Things took a turn for Britney Spears as she made a bold career move with a sultry (and very sweaty) music video, I’m A Slave 4 U. Her usual pining love themes took a quick transition to heavily sex-driven tunes. We saw this elaborately expressed in her backup dancers grinding up on (and licking) Britney, while she seduced the viewers on. Let’s just say, our eyes were opened to a very mature and new Brit.

6 I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

Well, if there was any moment for Britney to tell us she had in fact, matured, it was in I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman. Standing cliffside and sitting in the depths of a beautiful cave, the loveable pop star showed us a side we weren’t used to seeing. Her vulnerability in this music video was such a breath of fresh air.

We’re not exactly sure if this stripped down ballad was actually shot that high up, but one thing we know is we’ll be seeing Britney Spears in Manila for the first time real soon!


Britney had been on a roll with her movie-like music videos, but we know Toxic had to be the most epic of them all. We also know Taylor Swift might have taken a few tips from this video in Bad Blood. Here, we see Britney in three personas: a racy flight attendant up in the sky, an angelic (albeit almost naked) goddess in a diamond-studded leotard, and a fiery, red-headed vixen in action. Until today, Toxic still has a spot among the best music videos of all time.


Okay, so to the hardcore Britney fans, we all know how much the album, Circus, meant to us. After that hard-to-watch breakdown in 2007, Britney came back stronger than ever with a smash single, Womanizer, but a beautiful music video for Circus. It’s here we see her literally steal back the show and in the most inspiring of ways say, “I’m okay, guys. I’m more than okay.”

Those dance sequences we love her for, that smile radiating like she was never going to give up, and that life in her finally came back with a fire. She was both the ringmaster, poised, and the showstopper, daring. She had grown from her pain and was ready to fight again. Britney Spears in Manila will definitely have the same effect on us!

9Work B**ch

Even with a few hits and misses, Britney still always comes out on top. In our last video on this list, Work B**ch, we see what it takes to be a superstar like her: hard work. Almost 20 years in the business, Ms. Spears knows what it takes to work for the dollar and the name.

She’s been pushing out records, going on tour, being a mama, and even performing a resident show in Las Vegas. Britney earns her place as a legend in the music industry. We love her and as her fans, we will work just as hard to support her when we see Britney Spears in Manila live!

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