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The Cebu Street Food Experience

Cebu isn’t just a great place to experience adrenaline-pumping physical activities. It’s also an awesome place for a roller-coaster gastronomic adventure of having the Cebu street food experience.

If you have prepared your mind and your stomach for the challenge, here is a list of street food options that we suggest you try when you visit the Queen City of the South. Philihappy eating!

Tuslob Buwa

Cebu Street Food Experience: Tuslob Buwa
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Tuslob buwa has recently become a major craze in the city, but it has actually been around for a long time. It’s not something for the weak; after all, it’s really a fondue of pork brain.

The name of this exotic dish literally means “dipping in bubbles” to describe the puso (hanging rice) into a bubbling pan of pork brain, shrimp paste, onions, fish sauce, oil, and flavorings. The original tuslob buwa won’t pass sanitary standards but modern versions available in Papart’s, Azul, and Tuslob Buwa Republik will make the experience a little easier to one’s stomach.


Cebu Street Food Experience: Barbecue
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Barbecue isn’t something unique to Cebu, but it definitely is one of the most sought-after food for the first-time visitors.

Barbecue can be any of the assortments of chicken and pork dishes—the former includes feet, gizzard, livers, and intestines—grilled over charcoal. It is also best paired with puso and a bottle of softdrinks. There are a lot of barbecue stations all over the city, but the most famous one is called Larsian, located near the Fuente Osmeña Rotunda.


Cebu Street Food Experience: Siomai
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While this is a traditional Chinese dish, siomai is widely popular in Cebu and is one of the most accessible and most affordable food in the streets.

This is usually made from ground pork, beef or shrimp wrapped in wonton wrapper. It is then served with calamansi and chili and eaten as a snack or as a full meal, paired with rice or puso.


Cebu Street Food Experience: Lansiao
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Also called Soup Number 5, the lansiao probably won’t intimidate the unwary diner but knowing what it is made of will change one’s mind.

The soup is commonly known as an aphrodisiac and is made from the testicles and/or the reproductive organs of a male cow, bull, horse or ram. So, no, don’t let this seemingly ordinary soup dish fool you.


Cebu Street Food Experience: Ngohiong
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Ngohiong is a unique street food you will only find in Cebu. This dish is quite similar to the fresh lumpia only that this time around, it has been deep fried to perfection.

Ngohiong is made from ground pork, singkamas, spice powder, garlic, onions, seasonings and the five-spice powder (ngo yong), all wrapped in lumpia wrapper.


Cebu Street Food Experience: Pungko-Pungko
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This term isn’t used to refer to a particular food but rather in the way that it is served. Pungko-pungko literally means “squat-squat” in Cebuano since food is served on a table accompanied by low benches.

These small, self-service eateries can be found in nearly every corner of the city and offers among the most affordable food choices. All-time favorite fried street food such as bola-bola, ginabot (chicharon bulaklak), porkchop, lumpia, ngohiong and many others.

Many times, the best way to get to know a country and its people is through its food. It will be weird at first, but once you’ve acquired taste for it, you’ll soon start eating these items out like a local!

If you plan on going on a slightly different type of adventure, you can check out this awesome list of local street food finds in Manila.


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