Choose the Sunny Philippines [Guest Post]

My boyfriend and I chose to travel to the Philippines after a long conversation about Asia, and we’ve made the right choice. The sun, the heat, and all the smiles were just the best therapy one could get.

As recommended by a few travelers, we chose to skip Manila and to fly directly to Cebu, where we slept for one night before going to Bohol.

Bohol is a great island where you can find the atmosphere noticeably different from Cebu. I recommend, however, to stay three to four days maximum. Activities are easily limited on the island depending on what you are looking for.

choose philippines tarsier bohol
Tarsier in Bohol
choose philippines tarsier bohol
Tarsier in Bohol

We wanted to discover and explore the country as much as we can, so we went ahead to Siquijor, an island near Bohol. And easily, it was the best two days of our trip. We rented a motorcycle to go around the island and got completely disconnected from the world—no Wi-Fi, no phones, nothing but smiles from the locals.

What I really recommend for the best experience, is to stay at Kalachuchi Beach Resort, which is owned by two Swiss guys who will warmly welcome you there. They have small houses suitable for four people, great food, and a magical view. Far from all the stress, this lifestyle will make you dream.

choose philippines siquijor
The sunny island of Siquijor

Unfortunately, we had to go back to Switzerland. But I know now that I lost my heart in the Philippines, and I have to go back to find it.

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