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Top-notch Christmas Gift Ideas For Men In Your Life

Here comes the holiday rush again! There goes that mini heart attack that sends us into a whirlwind of panic. Every year, it becomes tougher and tougher on what to get dad, kuya/bunso, and the boyfriend/hubby. Since you give super cool gifts, like, every year, it can be difficult to think of gift ideas for men.

Now that we know that Christmas is just days away, we find ourselves in a common dilemma. What kind of gifts are we getting for our favorite alpha males? Check out our suggestions for gift ideas for men in your life. After all, Christmas only comes once a year, so make the best out of it!

The Hardcore Techie

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @huevoleather via Instagram

Dad certainly can’t live without his beloved sidekicks. He’s equipped with the latest devices and goes binge-shopping about once every month. It gets ten times worse when it’s Christmas (yikes!). It’s the main reason why he gets into arguments with Mom. The great thing about Dad is that he isn’t stingy, and everyone gets a piece of his preloved items (yes!). 

Get him something useful like a Wire Burrito from Huevo to keep all those cables in place. It will give Dad absolutely no excuse for messy cables ever again. Also, it will give Mom a peace of mind, especially since she has to keep tidying his kalat.

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The Aspiring Photographer

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: Gouache

The golden boy of the family is none other than your brother. His best works have been framed and placed in every part of the house. You see them absolutely everywhere, even in the bathroom! Deep down inside, you envy his talent, but you recognize his efforts in landing the perfect shot.

Inspire those creative juices by getting him a City Bag or Camera Bag from Gouache. His bulky DSLR and lenses feel right at home in a single fashionable bag. They look way cooler than the ordinary that he’s been using for his toy. This year, put this on your list of gift ideas for men!

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The Watch Collector

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @thegentlemanproject via Instagram

Your dad is an avid watch collector and has a huge collection. For him, every single one reminds him of a special event that has taken place. He treats each one like his own son. Keep his distinguished taste in check with a gorgeous timepiece from The Gentleman Project.

The Gentleman Project
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The Dapper Daddy

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @statelyclothing via Instagram

Oh yes, your husband is quite the man. He always manages to look good and takes pride in his appearance. His confidence radiates from whatever he’s wearing even if it is just his pambahay. People often take notice especially when you’re out on a date with him. Add a fun and casual shirt from Stately Clothing into his wardrobe.

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Mr. Bling Bling

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @istorya via Instagram

The bunso loves to wear a lot of bling and outnumbers you in terms of everything. The best gift would be to get him a personalized manlet (man’s bracelet) from Istorya. After all, he’s quite the trendsetter and gets the all the attention once he steps into a room. A little piece of jewelry won’t hurt him, right?

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The Distinguished Gentleman

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @co.op.manila via Instagram

Your dad has a large whiskey collection in his man cave. Every night, he has a glass or two to unwind from a long day at the office. Sometimes, you join him for scholarly discussions or retellings of random events that took place within the day. When you arrive home late, you can see that he’s fallen asleep in his favorite armchair.

Like any old man, he’d highly appreciate a set of Whiskey Stones from CO/OP. These bad babies are designed to keep his whiskey chilled, just as he likes it. Who knew such thing exists? Say goodbye to diluted whiskey forever!

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The Adventure Seeker

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @kawayanph via Instagram

As soon as it approaches the end of the week, your twin brother is nowhere to be seen at home. You only find out through his feed that he’s busy canyoneering at Kawasan Falls or gulping seawater at Baler. So #jealous. Now that it’s Christmas, you need to give him something that will remind him of his escapades.

Get him a stylish wooden watch that screams outdoorsy from Kawayan. A bold statement like this will have people questioning where he got his awesome bling. Force him to say that he got it from you, the best person in his life! He can’t deny your awesome gift-giving abilities, right?

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The Jetsetter

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @onefortheroadph via Instagram

Your husband is always traveling and tirelessly complains about how jetlagged he is. For a peaceful slumber or a pleasant trip, get him his very own Carry-On Cocktail Kit from One For The Road. Mixing drinks has never been so much fun. Yes to drinking (moderately) on planes! 

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @grandeebyanma via Instagram

ALTERNATIVE: Keep money and cards organized with a fancy looking McQueen Passport Wallet from Grandee by Anma. You can never go wrong with one of these gift ideas for men since it’s sophisticated and functional all at the same time. This way, it’s impossible for him to lose anything. Plus, it makes anyone holding it look classy!

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Grandee by Anma
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The Gym-holic

gift ideas for men
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Man, your boyfriend is obsessed with going to the gym and getting all buff. If he isn’t spending time with you, it’s either work or the gym. Talk about some serious competition! Nevertheless, you notice his self-confidence has increased, and you don’t mind holding onto those rock hard abs. Make him look good and feel good by getting him a cool outfit from Plusfit Active Wear.

Plusfit Active Wear
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The Happy-Go-Lucky Bachelor

gift ideas for men
Image Credit: @metrykph via Instagram

Ever since your kuya moved out of the nest, he’s having the time of his life as a bachelor. Your parents miss him a lot, but this “tough love” is slowly encouraging him to strive for independence. As of now, he doesn’t get sick of his single status and rarely has time to visit the house (preferably special occasions for the great food). He’s probably always out somewhere partying or having friends over for a house party.

Get a beautifully handcrafted item from Metryk. A fine, quality piece like this will be the finishing touch to his bachelor pad. It’s also a subtle way of saying get your sh*t together because his place can be mistaken for the streets of Divisoria. Seriously, it’s that disorganized!

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You see, Christmas shopping isn’t all that bad! Now that you’ve seen these great gift ideas for men, you know what to do! Don’t forget to give mom a special gift, too! Wait until you see those wide grins on their faces once you’ve given the best tokens of appreciation. Getting them into a good mood provides you with the spontaneous chance to tell them what you really want for Christmas. If you’re lucky, you might just get that gift this year!

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