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Image Credit (L–R): @frenchiebutt via Instagram, @buddyboowaggytails via Instagram

10 Adorable Dogs To Follow On Instagram This September

Let’s be honest, most of us spend half our time on the internet looking at photos and posts that make us happy, hopeful, or make us laugh. Luckily, dogs give us all of that! Below are ten dogs to follow on Instagram to add extra gigil and fuzz to your day.

1Buddha (@cutieandthebeast)

cutie and the beast
Image Credit: @cutieandthebeast via Instagram

Buddha is a 3-year-old American Doberman and Siena is his human. Cutie and the Beast capture the unmistakably strong bond and trust the two have built since they were young pups. Talk about friendship goals! Plus, Siena is one stylish little lady.

2Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

doug the pug
Image Credit: @itsdougthepug via Instagram

With two million followers on Instagram, Doug the pug is one of the most famous dogs in the world. And, no, it’s not just because of that silly, sweet wrinkly face. Doug’s posts are funny and relatable, and he knows how much you love pizza. He should be one of the first dogs to follow on Instagram if you’re on a dog liking spree!

3Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog)

marnie the dog
Image Credit: @marniethedog via Instagram

Marnie is a 14-year-old Shih Tzu known as the most popular rescue dog on Instagram. She found her forever home at the old dog age of 11 and advocates for the adoption of senior dogs. She has her own book and has lots of celebrity fans. Oh, and her tongue perpetually sticks out (except during winter).

4Boo, Buddy, and Blue (@buddyboowaggytails)

buddy boo blue
Image Credit: @buddyboowaggytails via Instagram

Boo and Buddy the Pomeranians are so cute they have their own merchandise, book, and Facebook stickers. Why should they be dogs to follow on Instagram? Nothing to it, but 10-year-old Boo is dubbed the world’s cutest dog. He likes dressing up in shirts and fabulous footwear with older brother Buddy and (literally) big baby brother Bluebeary the golden retriever.

5Camping with Dogs (@campingwithdogs)

camping with dogs
Image Credit: @campingwithdogs via Instagram

If the amazing scenery featured on this account doesn’t inspire you to go out for an adventure, surely the starry-eyed, drooly dog smiles will. Camping with Dogs features photo submissions of dogs and their humans enjoying the best of nature. What better way to see the world than with our fluffy friends who always teach us to chase that bug (eat a couple of questionable things) and live in the moment? Share your own photo by using the hashtag #CampingWithDogs.

6Menswear Dog (@mensweardog)

menswear dog
Image Credit: @mensweardog via Instagram

Menswear Dog is the most stylish dog in the world, and arguably the most handsome, too. Bodhi the Shiba Inu has landed modeling contracts with several brands and is the author of recently published The New Classics. He also looks excellent in a suit. We think we’ve found our dream boy and one of the dogs to follow on Instagram right this minute.

7Milo (@frenchiebutt)

frenchie butt
Image Credit: @frenchiebutt via Instagram

Milo is a French bulldog butterball with a perpetual smile on his face. He loves balancing things on his head and staying in bed, and obviously gives the best cuddles. Just look at that squishy little guy!

8Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog)

loki the wolfdog
Image Credit: @loki_the_wolfdog via Instagram

Loki is a husky-wolf-malamute mix of a heartbreaker (oh that gorgeous face). He met his human Kelly in 2012, and they’ve been on adventures of a lifetime together since then. Loki’s Instagram hopes to inspire people to explore their world and make memories with their dogs. Make him one of your dogs to follow on Instagram if you believe in man’s best friend!

9Momo (@andrewknapp)

find momo
Image Credit: @andrewknapp via Instagram

One would probably not think of using the word exquisite for a dog’s Instagram account, but then there’s Momo. Momo’s photographs are exquisite and, frankly, that nose is divine. His Instagram is full of snaps of his sweet collie face in almost surreal backgrounds, but his Find Momo books (yes, books) have him playfully hiding in the background. It’s probably time for Waldo to retire.

10Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram)

dogs of instagram
Image Credit: @dosgsofinstagram via Instagram

And, of course, there are the Dogs of Instagram. This is another account that is not specific to just one dog. Dogs of Instagram curates dog photo submissions from all over the world, showing us the best of what the planet has to offer through the eyes of man’s best friend. Submit your own photo here and who knows, your best friend may just be one of the next dogs to follow on Instagram!

Share your favorite Instagram dogs with us below and remember to come back next month for more fluffy butts to stalk… er, follow.

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