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These Funny Reactions Of Pinoys On DOT’s “Experience The Philippines” Campaign Prove That It’s More Fun In The PH

It’s more fun in the Philippines. This statement is a fact that cannot be denied no matter how crazy it gets in this country. This, too, is the slogan of the tourism campaign of the Department of Tourism (DOT) for the past several years. The past week, though, was kind of shaky for the country in the tourism department…a new slogan: Experience the Philippines.

You see, with the new administration at hand, Department of Tourism planned to go on a little rebranding project. This included changing the slogan of DOT. While it is more fun in the Philippines in many aspects, this statement also includes the fact that even producing a new government campaign gets a little, should we say, fun.

Let us take you on a rundown with what happened last week.

Our cities and provinces have been decked with the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign for quite a while now. Not everybody loved it, that’s one thing. Definitely, though, we all embraced it and the truthfulness of it. Department of Tourism then, with their rebranding, added a new campaign on top of the existing one with the slogan “Experience the Philippines.” Pinoys, of course, were quick to react.

Some were clearly delighted by it:

There were those who defended this huge change:

Of course, Pinoys had to make this change a lot more colorful:

By giving even better suggestions:

Or by bringing crushie into the picture:

While the change to “Experience the Philippines” had us all shookt, DOT had more pasabog to bring to the table! They released a TV ad accompanying the new slogan. Face value wise, this ad is altogether heartwarming and a great representation of the country. However, people were quick to notice that this said ad comes too close to home with a South African tourism ad.

Well, of course, the interwebs in the country went haywire!

People started throwing shade:

Why not make it a group effort?

Or, you know, get a trusty wedding videographer to do it.

Of course, more shade was thrown:

In a very Filipino telenovela fashion, events were a little too quick to change that DOT suddenly scrapped the Experience the Philippines campaign altogether and went back to “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

And we’re all like…

We can definitely hear Kris Aquino make a comment on this one:

People added a bit more shade on this issue:

And, well, people were quick to drag the whole unli-rice issue back again:

No national issue happens without a bit of hugot:

Ako na lang, ako na lang ulit.

We do mean it when we say that it’s more fun in the Philippines. Even issues like this Experience the Philippines change of slogan turn into a hilarious circus that stirs our wit and lightheartedness. However this issue turns out, we know for sure that this country is definitely the place to be! If some issue rises up again, well, you know, we can always compromise.

experience the philippines
Image Credit: Gabriel Yap via Facebook
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