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5 Environmental Organizations In The Philippines You Should Support

In a country full of natural wonders like the Philippines, the stakes are high when it comes to taking care of the environment. Lucky for us, there are many ways to do that—quitting single-use plastics, to planting more greens. Practicing these simple green habits are an easy way to do your part in saving mother earth. If you feel like you want to do more, perhaps you’d like to join arms with one of the many environmental organizations in the Philippines. From rainforest protection to sustainable fishing, these groups take on some of the country’s biggest environmental threats.

Check out this list to find an org you can get involved in:

1Haribon Foundation

Environmental Organizations in the Philippines
Image Credit: Haribon Foundation via Facebook

This is one of the oldest and most well-known environmental organizations in the Philippines. Its name is a portmanteau of “Haring Ibon,” which refers to the Philippine Eagle—the king of Philippine birds. With a focus on biodiversity conservation, the org’s activities usually revolve around tree planting and mangrove restoration. The org also has a research team that observes and studies important and endangered wildlife in their natural habitats.

Get involved. You could sign up as a member or affiliate for a fee. This will get you first dibs on tree-planting activities and volunteer opportunities. It will get you free use of the foundation’s library as well. Membership aside, you can also join their tree-planting activities, which are conducted from June to December. The org also welcomes financial support of any amount, to go to a specific Haribon campaign of your choice.

2Save Philippine Seas

Environmental Organizations in the Philippines
Image Credit: Save Philippine Seas via Facebook

The org’s name states its cause plainly enough. SPS has been a sentinel of the sea since 2011 when it was founded in response to a foreign company allegedly raping our waters. The group vigilantly protects our marine resources through awareness campaigns, lobbying for better policies, and workshops.

Get Involved. Every now and then the org will call for volunteers to help out with their projects. The work can be anything from photography, to teaching, to tagging wildlife and gathering scientific data! Stay updated with their volunteer opportunities by following them on Facebook. Otherwise, you could help the org out by spreading awareness and sharing the information that they regularly publish on social media.


Environmental Organizations in the Philippines
Image Credit: Rare Philippines via Facebook

A world without seafood is a horrifying prospect (We mean really, no grilled squid or shrimp sinigang), but it could very well be the reality in a few year’s time. Rare is working so that this never happens. The international organization advocates for sustainable markets, conservation, and resource management. In the Philippines, their work is focused mainly on promoting sustainable fishing, working with LGUs and educating locals to establish better fishing practices. With their efforts, we can look forward to a future where the oceans stay alive, and the shrimp sinigang stays on the table.

Get Involved. You could donate whatever you can to keep the org running. If you have a local organization that can help in Rare’s cause somehow, a partnership is also possible. If you’d like to stay updated on their causes, you could also sign up for their newsletter.

4Earth Island Institute Philippines

Environmental Organizations in the Philippines
Image Credit: Earth Island Institute Philippines via Facebook

Like other environmental organizations in the Philippines, Earth Island’s heart belongs to the ocean—marine mammals in particular. If you love dolphins and whales, you will love this org. Their activities involve everything from monitoring tuna companies, campaigning against dolphin captivity, and advocating the restoration of the Freedom Island Bird Sanctuary in Las Piñas.

Get Involved. Earth Island encourages nature lovers to do what they can in whatever capacity they choose. You could start an information drive, organize a film showing, lobby against marine mammal exploitation, join coastal clean-ups, or donate resources and funds. Whatever it is you want to do, just get in touch with them through their website.

5Mother Earth Foundation

Environmental Organizations in the Philippines
Image Credit: Mother Earth Foundation via Facebook

Garbage and waste management is one of our biggest problems in the Philippines, and that’s what this org wants to fix. The org takes their zero waste advocacy straight to the authorities, partnering with local governments to implement zero waste policies in their areas. They also promote environmental education and teach zero waste practices in schools and barangays.

Get involved. You could donate whatever amount you can spare to support the org’s various projects. You could also get in touch with them and ask them about volunteering or conducting a zero waste workshop in your village or workplace.

There is no better time to go full-on Captain Planet than now. Going green on your own is one good thing. But joining forces with a bigger group will bring your cause further. Go forth and go green with these environmental organizations in the Philippines!

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