Escolta Saturday Market: Rare Finds In Old Manila

Those who witnessed the golden days of pre-war Manila knew of Escolta as a swanky commercial district by the river. Sadly, however, this character of Manila—Escolta included—didn’t quite survive the war. Despite the revitalization of Manila after the war and the government’s efforts to restore its glory, something was lost and could somehow never be gained again. But this loss of glory has never really stopped any Filipino to save whatever can be saved. This is why 98B, an organization that aims to conserve every last bit of beauty in Escolta, did a little project to give people the glimpse of what the district was and can still be at the Escolta Saturday Market.

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98B’s Escolta Saturday market is a gold mine

98B conducts a Saturday Market on the ground floor of the First United Building in Escolta called Saturday x Future Market @ Escolta. This Saturday Market is a thrift market, art gallery, bazaar, garage sale and black market rolled into one. But unlike your basic bazaar, Escolta Saturday Market only features emerging and independent merchandisers and artists. On top of that, they have a theme every Saturday market event which the merchants have to showcase with a line in their products. Pretty cool, right? Although the market isn’t as swanky as how Escolta probably was in its heyday, you are sure to find treasures that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Pre-loved and Hand-made Pieces

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If you’re into quality pre-loved items, you are sure to find a piece or two which will not only fit your style but will fit right in your budget. You can also find themed graphic shirts or hand-painted bags around. Likewise, you can find unique accessories, a lot of them hand-made, which are sure to be a statement piece in any of your outfits. Trust me when I say that you will find fashion gems for cheap in Escolta Saturday Market.

Collector’s Items: Posters, Vinyls, etc.

It can get very nostalgic in the Saturday Escolta Market. Not only because of the old but charming building in which it is held but also because of the products you can come across in the bazaar. They sell old posters of your 90’s idols, old coins, cassette tapes, vinyls, old newspapers and even old Coca-Cola bottles to name a few. It’s nice seeing something quaintly familiar at a time when everything’s going fast forward, don’t you think?

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Independent Artists’ Works


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Escolta Saturday Market features artists who not only showcase their art but also sell their art. You can find prints of different art styles and different media from several of the emerging artists present in the market. And here’s a pretty cool thing, you can get these pieces for cheap! And they don’t look it! In Escolta, you can find notable pieces that are not worth much in money but are worth a lot in quality.

Classic and Treasured Novels

Books! A lot of them! And good ones too! If you’re in search for the next book to put in your reading list, Escolta has several of them. And nope, you don’t have to painfully walk away from a good book because it costs twice the money in your wallet. The Escolta Saturday Market offers treasures as much as well-loved books in cheaper prices.

Thingamabobs and Rare Finds

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Escolta Saturday Market is definitely a pot of gold. You can pretty much find everything that fits the fancy of every possible personality around. You can scout for plants to jewels to art pieces to collector’s items. It’s like a little market that makes your imagination come to life. !

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The good thing about 98B Escolta Saturday Market is that they change up the merchants and concepts each event that the variety provided in the whimsical setting of Escolta can go from quaint clothes to tarot card reading. It is a good weekend destination if you wish to find something new in the spirit of old Manila. It is the best place to find treasures that you are sure to not find elsewhere. It is in places like this where you realize that you do not have to go far to find a little adventure.

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