Here’s What To Expect From The Encantadia 2016 Reboot

Encantadia, the hit telefantasya of GMA Network in 2005, holds a special place in Philippine pop culture and in the hearts of fans. When the network announced that there will be a reboot this 2016, many felt a mixture of joy, anxiety, concern, and excitement. What is going to happen in Encantadia 2.0?

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We know too well that in life, one should not expect too much, to avoid getting disappointed. However, we can’t help but wonder what’s in it for us as the gates of the magical world of Encantadia open anew. What are we going to expect from Encantadia 2.0?

A “re-quel”

Encantadia 2.0 is dubbed as a “re-quel” – a retelling of the original story, as well as a sequel. Expect new stories within and beyond the narrative. Much of the storyline before revolved around Lireo, the Queendom of the Diwatas. In this re-quel, there is the possibility of knowing more about the three other kingdoms – Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya.

New cast

One of the things that people are excited and anxious about at the same time is the new cast. No less than Queen Amihan, Iza Calzado, mightily said that the new cast of Encantadia 2.0 will have big shoes to fill. We agree. The original crew is so iconic that many think that they are irreplaceable.

Let’s see if the casting team of the new Encantadia brought their A-game in crowning the new crew which will bring back Encantadia to life. Aside from the four sang’gres, the new Ybarro/Ybrahim will also have a hard time following the lead of Dingdong Dantes. Not to mention, King Hagorn, the main antagonist, who was played by veteran character actor Pen Medina.

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Marian Rivera was revealed to be playing Ynang Reyna Mine-a, the mother of the Sang’gres. Casting ultra-popular Marian in the role has implications to the new story. Does this mean that the new Sang’gres will be younger than Marian? In the original version, Mine-a’s appeared only in the first part of the series and during Etheria. Will Mine-a have a bigger narrative in this reboot?


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Avisala! The language of Encantadia, Enchanta, was crucial to the success of the show. And with the reboot, we will welcome the dead language anew.

The original version popularized various catch phrases such as “Pashnea” – a derogative equivalent to “Animal!” and “Shheda” which means stop and Encantadia’s very own version of “shut the hell up!”

Expect to learn more phrases from Encantadia. Maybe some useful phrases such as “What is your name?”, “Where do you live?”, “How old are you?”

Better production

Let’s admit that in the original version, GMA Network tried its best to give viewers an incredible telefantasya experience. Though some believed that it was not technically superb, it was a breakthrough in Philippine television in terms of production nonetheless.

This year, however, is a different story. Expect a grander production than ever – better costumes, set, and even animation. Encantadia 2.0 will keep up with the advancement of technology in television production.

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