fathers day gift ideas

Here Are Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Type Of Dad

Make a grown man smile on a day that’s entirely dedicated to him. Your father is probably the most hardworking man you’ve known all your life. After all, he’s given you everything because you’re his favorite! Father’s Day is happening on the 18th of June. Put away that polo shirt or statement tie that you were originally planning to give this year. Check out this fun list of unique Father’s Day gift ideas your tatay will surely approve.

1The Kid At Heart

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @ohhandsomeivan via Instagram

You love seeing your dad playing around even though he cracks jokes that aren’t really funny. No wonder he looks younger than his actual age. He really has a knack for making everyone smile, even your friends who he’s just met. Unleash your dad’s inner kid persona with a family trip to Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park. After all, some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas are timeless experiences. Rates start at PHP 250/hour for each person. He might be a bit hesitant at first, but once he gives it a try, he won’t want to leave! Who’s the kid now?

Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park
Frontera Verde, C-5 Ortigas Avenue Corner, Pasig City
+632 544 0703, +63915 618 2183
Facebook, Instagram

2The Adventurer

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @anjiira via Instagram

Ever since you were young, you can remember your dad taking you out of the city and exploring the outdoors. You absolutely loved it and always looked forward to the weekend. Better if it was a long weekend! It’s a good thing things haven’t changed since then. Keep that tradition alive by exploring these bike trails, glamping, and even rock climbing spots together. You can now surprise your dad with one of these adventures. Now you know where you get your adventurous spirit from! There are definitely plenty of Father’s Day gift ideas. Which one is first on your list?

3The History Buff

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: AFP Museum via Facebook

You’ve probably picked up a lot of interesting (but totally useless) facts from this guy right here. Actually, it’s a great conversation starter on a first date when you blurt out “Did you know that…?”. We bet you’ve stolen a few lines from him. If museums are his kind of thing, take him out on a date to Armed Forces of the Philippines Museum. You’ll both learn a thing or two from the country’s finest heroes and see an artillery collection up close. Fees range from PHP 10-25.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Museum
Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City

4The Workaholic

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @blursandmotion via Instagram

Yep, your old man is one! A big fan of OT’s or glued to his laptop, he never seems to stop working because he’s so dedicated to his career. On Father’s Day, remind him that he needs to take breaks every now and then. Go on the hunt for the best craft beers in town. Everyone knows they’re best paired with burgers!  This is a great time to unwind and talk about everything that’s not work-related. It’s a sign that there is life outside of his work!

5The Game Whiz

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @helenitzkie via Instagram

If you spent a significant chunk of your childhood playing board games like chess and Scrabble, thank your dad. It’s probably because he wanted you to spend more time indoors than outdoors. He’s quite the champion and generally beats everyone at any game. Talk about serious competition! Spend this year’s Father’s Day with him at Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe. Challenge him to an exciting game from their giant collection. It’s a good thing that a Game Master is available, ready to explain the mechanics of a game. We wouldn’t be surprised if he screams out in glee once he’s played those cards right *walk away slowly*

Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Café
26 Scout Torillo Street corner Scout Fuentebella Street, Diliman, Quezon City
+632 689 9322
Other branches includes Makati
Facebook, Instagram

6Mister Tough Guy

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines via Facebook

It isn’t a surprise that you’ve got one of the coolest dads around. He’s a bit of a daredevil himself. If he’s nostalgic about the ol’ riding days, give him the chance to reminisce all of that again. With Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines, he can travel the road again by using his own bike or even rent a big bike from these guys. He’ll be excited to be back by making new friends and giving a whole new definition to road trip. Riding starts at PHP 1,500/pax.

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines
La Huerta Village Center, Aguirre Compound, Multinational Village, Parañaque City
+632 551 8228, +63917 850 4841
Facebook, Instagram

7The Detective

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @merryli via Instagram

Your father could be the next Sherlock Holmes, thanks to his brilliant schemes. Before you go out, he asks all the W- (Who, what, etc.) questions. His nonstop texts continuously bother and have prevented you from having an awesome night out. He can get a bit overprotective at times. Challenge your dad to a game at Mystery Manila! A good hour of sleuthing can bring out the best (or worst) from your relationship. Test your skills at Sinister Sensorium, Pym Particle, Debby’s Doll, Crime of the Century, Virtual Voyage, and Mutants’ Mission. Out of all of these Father’s Day gift ideas, this one is the most exciting yet! Prices begin at PHP 400 per person.

Mystery Manila
Unit L305 3/F Century City Mall, Makati City
+632 718 9251, +63917 820 6469
Other branches in Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City
Facebook, Instagram

8Food Collector

fathers day gift ideas
Image Credit: @antogarcellano via Instagram

A little on the heavy side, your dad is the best chef in the family. Aside from that, he’s always game when it comes to trying new dishes. Perhaps, you had to help him open his own account in Instagram to collect all of his jaw-dropping food sessions. It isn’t exactly a secret that exercise isn’t exactly his BFF. Because of his affinity for food, take him out on a buffet date so that he can eat to his heart’s content. After all, a satisfied tummy is always a happy customer! Remind him to take his maintenance meds before a big meal. Health check!

It shouldn’t take this holiday for us to express our sentiments towards Daddy-O. Every day is a blessing spent with them. Let’s take this chance to truly thank them for everything that they’ve provided our families. We certainly hope that this list of Father’s Day gift ideas does the trick of putting a big jolly smile on his face. Philihappy greets a Happy Father’s Day to every awesome father out there!


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