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5 Filipino Bands We Wish Would Get Back Together

Just last month, we celebrated what seems to be yet another new era of OPM with Parokya ni Edgar releasing a new album. Parokya ni Edgar have been singing along with our lives as we all got older, capturing listeners from generation after generation. However, not all Filipino bands have been able to last the changing of times like Parokya ni Edgar have.

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But we’re not going to deny the fact that even if our music players can still play those old songs from our well-loved defunct Filipino bands, we all secretly wish they would get back together to play for us again. Some of them already have, for a night or two, sure. But our stubborn OPM fan selves still wish these Filipino bands get back together for good.

We have listed the Filipino bands we sorely miss seeing live, making ourselves feel better and hoping that one day soon, they all come back and play live again. Which one was your ultimate favorite?

1. Urbandub

It was just in May of 2015 that the band’s original members played for their fans one last time before going on a hiatus. It’s only been more than a year since Urbandub went on to explore other projects, yet we already miss them so deeply.

With 15 years of experience, five albums, and multiple hits under their belt, Urbandub sure have left a mark in all of us. Some of their members still gig once in a while. Frontman Gabby Alipe is out with a new smashing song and an album. But Urbandub is Urbandub, and we’re all still pretty much holding on for their next complete gig.

2. Barbie’s Cradle

They started out as Hungry Young Poets. They eventually evolved, and the HYP duo became a full band people grew to love as Barbie’s Cradle. The band was formed in the late 1990s, producing three full-length albums. They disbanded in 2005 when frontwoman Barbie Almalbis decided to take on a solo career.

We loved Barbie’s Cradle for the whimsical, soft yet touching music they made. All the members of the band still play today, but there was something about Barbie’s Cradle that we all miss. Hearing Barbie sing their old songs in her gigs now make our hearts flutter. Speaking of Barbie’s gigs—she’s going to have a concert with Aia de Leon and Kitchie Nadal in December! We’ll surely be watching that and will wait for Barbie’s Cradle songs to play!

3. Sugarfree

The band was formed in 1999. That marked the beginning of the production of poignant OPM songs that were very characteristic of Sugarfree. They sang about heartbreaks, misfortunes, and misadventures as if singing about our own. Sugarfree became one of those bands whose songs became very close to our hearts and our own stories. Their music has always felt comforting. The band gave us great music, a live setup with Manila Symphony Orchestra included which happened twice!

Sadly, frontman Ebe Dancel announced that they were disbanding. Finally, they held their last concert in 2011. Ebe Dancel is making his own music, and we continue to love what he does. We cannot deny, though, how much we miss Sugarfree. And if you’re really itching for more Sugarfree in your life, did you know that PETA is doing a re-run of Sa Wakas, a musical based on Sugarfree songs, come 2017?

4. Bamboo

If you’re around your mid-twenties right now, you’ll remember this band as one of the biggest during your gig-going, concert-loving high school years. Bamboo consisted of Bamboo Mañalac, Ira Cruz, Nathan Azarcon, and Vic Mercado, and they started making great music for us in 2004. There was something so complex and deeply touching about their music that we loved, which sometimes spoke of love and sometimes spoke of our very own country.

There was so much brilliance involved in the way they made their music that it broke our hearts into pieces when they disbanded in 2011. We still see Bamboo on local television and his other former bandmates playing for other bands. But the lack of live Bamboo (the band) music makes us miss our high school lives all too much.

5. Eraserheads

Most of us can argue the nothing will ever go past the bounds of how great this band was, and is to us. Eraserheads, a band that gained success in the ’90s, are perhaps one of the most highly acclaimed and well-loved Filipino bands ever. Humbly starting as kids from UP who merely want to make music, Ely, Marcus, Buddy, and Raimund skyrocketed to being pillars of OPM. We got from them seven studio albums packed with brilliantly simple, yet overpowering and engaging songs that we all sing from the hearts up until now.

Unfortunately, in 2002, the band finally called it off after more than a decade of great music. They all have their own bands now. And they have actually done reunion shows that were flocked by us all. Recently, a communications network brought them all back for a mini concert and an ad campaign, pinching all our hearts a bit more than we could take. It seems like an idea too far off for the band to come back together again. But another reunion concert might help us miss them less, yes?

It’s all bittersweet to look back at all the Filipino bands we grew up loving. But nothing stops us from listening to them over and over even if they have long put the curtains down. What’s even more exciting is the fact that more Filipino bands are following their footsteps, and we’re all looking forward to great Original Pinoy Music.

Share with us the OPM bands you miss and let’s all cry together and give each other a virtual hug!


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