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Forever Flowers at Prism Gallery

February is the season of love, but Prism Gallery made it even more special with its Forever Flowers exhibit that featured paintings and handcrafted items from local artists. The artworks ranged from watercolor illustrations and vivid photographs of flowers, to calligraphy and floral tiaras.

Gold Tantoco, president of Prism Gallery, said they were inspired by the tradition of giving fresh flowers to loved ones every February. Thus, the Forever Flowers exhibit was launched, in the desire to give flowers in unique and lasting forms.

The Prism team then curated the artworks via Facebook, where a number of their followers responded with zest and enthusiasm. Among the many submissions, several artworks were chosen for their uniqueness and technique.

“[The exhibit] attracted attention as the range of work is varied, although I must say most of our buyers were women, this time, owing to the nature of the subject matter,” Ms. Tantoco said.

Various Artists, Various Mediums

I had fun looking at the artworks, primarily because flowers are my favorite theme. But what got me more excited was that Eden Sarmiento, fellow comics creator and author of Welcome Home, was part of the exhibit.

Prism Gallery

“I found out about [the exhibit] through the Facebook post shared by Kevin Roque,” Eden said. “I have four works that were exhibited in the gallery. They were made out of objects at home and leftover materials that that I could not throw away.” Eden used mixed media for her works Finding Inspiration, You’re Blooming, I Like You!, and Meowrr.

Pansy Lady

Kevin Roque, on the other hand, knew about Forever Flowers through a member of Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK). His work, Pansy Lady, was inspired by a character from Margaret Walker’s Lady Hollyhock and her Friends. Pansy Lady is a doll made up of pansies, a flower with large round petals. His other work, Mona Lisa, was inspired by a real flower with the same name, and Leonardo da Vinci’s eponymous creation. Kevin used graphite as medium for both artworks.

One of my favorite artworks in the exhibit is the paper filigree (or paper quilling). Artist Wendy Picache used various colors of paper strips to form essential components, and assembled these components to produce an exquisite work.

Prism Gallery

The three artists found the whole experience both challenging and exhilarating. Not only did they meet cool people and a talented pool of artists, but they also had an excellent opportunity to show their impressive skills. Now that the exhibit is over, Eden, Kevin, and Wendy plan to keep the artworks while they see a chance to display and sell them again.

Personal Favorites

Aside from their works, I particularly liked Arlene Sy’s Hydrangea 1 (watercolor on acid-free paper), Christine Santos’ Go Ahead Sweetheart framed calligraphy, Blessel Marie Dapo’s In Full Bloom 2 (watercolor), and Eula Ysabel Velasco’s colorful flower crowns.

Prism Gallery

Forever Flowers may be over, but Prism Gallery has other plans.

“We will consider having another public call for work in the future because not only does it help us discover new artists but more importantly, we are able to provide a venue for artists and crafters to show their work to the public,” Ms. Tantoco said.

Prism Gallery will be hosting solo shows in the coming months, as well as the Prism Studio Series, an ongoing workshop series like Art Appreciation, Art History, Basic Drawing, Gesture Drawing, Collage, Watercolors, and Acrylics. Their gift shop is also a must-see.


Prism Gallery is located at Island Tower Condominium, 239 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati, Metro Manila. 

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