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6 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Comics

Comic book lovers probably circle May 7 with a bold red pen in their calendars, and why not? It’s Free Comic Book Day, aka THE day when they get free comics from Fully Booked, a popular book store in the Philippines.

There are a number of comic books available for free on this day, with titles  like Suicide Squad, Civil War, DC Superhero Girls and Archie.  I lined up and got my Archie comics as well, and I was amazed (as always) with the number of people who flocked the store on that day. It was Free Comic Book Day, after all, and geeks nationwide rejoiced.

Norby Ela of Flipgeeks, Nikko Valenzuela, and Rico Samson shared why they love comics so much, and I guess their responses resonate with those of other Pinoy comics readers:

  1. They are passionate about comics because of the storytelling. A story can be told in a limited platform, according to Norby, wherein we just have to understand images and words. With comics, their imagination and creativity have no limits!
  2. They appreciate the hard work of artists and comic book writers. There is not much budget in creating comics (this can still be relative), but the artist and writer both need tools and supplies. Artists, specifically, have to be detailed in their drawings. Read any comic book and you’ll see why Filipinos love comics – they know how difficult it is to create the whole product.
  3. Comic books take Pinoys on a magical journey. Not all comic books, local or foreign, use magical realism as theme, but most of them feature superheroes and fantastical elements. Who would not know about Avengers, Batman, Superman—or even Darna and Dyesebel?
  4. Pinoys find reading comics therapeutic. They provide an escape from the real world and your ready happy pill when you feel down. Whether the story is humorous or thrilling, these geeks forget their problems for a while when they read about their favorite comic book heroes.
  5. They get pumped up because of action. They root for the adrenaline rush. Don’t we all?
  6. They love the sentimental parts, too. Even superheroes have flaws and school boy dilemmas. The stories portray them as superheroes yet they can be as real as any man.

Aside from regularly buying comics, these guys go out of their way to participate and enjoy FCBD. Compared to last year, this year’s Free Comic Book Day has a selection targeted for kids. Fully Booked’s system for giving away copies has gotten better, too, according to the attendees.  The people did not wait too long in the line and they were able to get the titles that they wanted (FYI: Attendees can choose as long as there are a lot of free comics available). By far, the Free Comic Book Day last May wass the greatest.

If you missed the event, don’t worry! There’s another one coming up later this year. Just keep posted and get ready with your calendars. When it’s Free Comic Book Day, Pinoys dash to Fully Booked for their geek fix. That is the most fun part – the collective love and passion for reading comic books.

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