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Bai-Rohaniza Sumdas-Usman discusses the projects undertaken by Teach Build Peace Movement.

Global Youth Summit 2016: The Young Filipino Dreams Big

The Global Youth Summit (GYS) is now in its 4th year and was able to fill the Mall of Asia Arena with more than 10,000 Filipino youth nationwide. It is an endeavor organized by the world’s largest youth-run organization, AIESEC. GYS aims to inspire not just the young people of the Philippines, but also the rest of the world, by cultivating a more global mindset, learning from other cultures, and addressing relevant issues that plague society today. The summit had three major themes—Inspire, Engage, and Activate—with topics such as Peace & Youth Volunteerism in 2016, Sparking Young Potential and Passion, and One Youth for the World.

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More than 10,000 attendees were present at the 4th Global Youth Summit held at the SM Mall of Asia on February 6, 2016.

Inspiring youth for a sustainable world

The first talk at the Global Youth Summit 2016 carried the theme Inspire. It was about the realities of the global youth environment and actions that the young people can make for a peaceful, viable and resilient world. Jinsoo Kim, Regional President of Global Peace Foundation Asia Pacific, spoke about taking the initiative and striving to achieve one’s goals. He said that there is a need to be responsible for your dreams because that is the only way that you will spend time and give effort to achieving those targets.

Other speakers from this block were Bai-Rohaniza Sumdad-Usman, Chairperson for Teach Build Peace Movement and Rena Dona from the United Nations Development Programme. Both spoke on global projects their respective organizations have done, and challenged the youth with the thought that for any project to be successful, they must understand the situation of other people.

Engaging youth to influence others

The Engage discussion was next at the Global Youth Summit 2016 and featured talks on discovering one’s advocacy and finding the right drive to reach it. Maybe the most important question that morning was posed by youth influencer, Joyce Pring, who asked, “What are you passionate about?” She says that it took her a long time to discover her passion, but it was through her faith in God that she continues to be the positive influence she is today.

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MTF Company President and CEO, Mika Tan said reading books, which teaches one life skills, has changed her life—like Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

Mika Tan, President and CEO of MTF Company, shared her story — how from being broke, financially and romantically — she is now walking beside giants in her industry. At the age of 13, she went to the stock exchange where she found a mentor who is now her partner in one of her companies. Meanwhile, Stella Sy, President of MINT Clothing, spoke about finding one’s niche. In the clothing industry, in particular, she demonstrates that if one does not continue to grow and be original, your brand will not find its unique identity.

Activation of achievable goals

Finally, to Activate actionable goals are what the youth should be looking at and was the last discussion at the Global Youth Summit 2016. From small things they choose to do, an impact can be achieved by local communities to the global scale. Mike Miatara from the Department of Education, and Roberto Mayorga, Ambassador of Chile, gave examples of projects which young people can volunteer for. They told the youth of their tremendous potential and challenged them to take the next step and start taking the lead today. Sharing their respective experiences, they believe that the Philippines’ has cultivated this generation of the youth to become active in any endeavor they choose to engage in.

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Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga tells the youth that Filipino values such as respect and optimism have to be shared worldwide.

Global Youth Summit 2016 was able to not only provide great ideas to the Filipino youth but also presented them with opportunities where they can take the lead. AIESEC, being truly a youth-oriented and youth-led organization also wishes to invite the young people to learn more about them, see their programs and find a way to be the best version of themselves.

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