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4 Good Reasons To Consider Going Vegetarian

Being vegetarian is a conceptĀ that is pretty alien to many Filipinos. If you enter any fastfood place or canteen in the country, you will most likely find any combination of meals that have chicken or pork as the main ingredient. The few vegetable dishes available are even sometimes flavored with (surprise) ground meat or fish paste.

While the Filipino meat-based dishes are absolutely yummy, all that fatty pork and fried chicken can definitely do a number on your health.

If you are looking for a small life change to make yourself feel better, try going vegetarian and see how your body responds to it! You don’t have to do it every day to begin with, but committing to 3-4 days of meatless dishes per week and then gradually increasing this will already help you see a difference in the way you feel.

Not convinced? Here are some more great reasons to go vegetarian.

1Weight loss.

vegetarian weight loss

This is easily the biggest motivation for people who switch to a veggie-based diet. Even when paired with carbohydrates like rice or bread, veggies help you lose weight. This is because they don’t have fat that can lead to weight gain.

Veggies are also usually not processed–meaning you don’t have to worry about extra salt or sugar in your diet that can eventually even lead to other diseases. Studies have shown that not only do vegetarians lose weight, they also keep the weight off much longer–which is definitely better than crash dieting!


vegetarian food savings

Vegetables are cheaper than meat, obviously. Depending on the season and depending on the type of vegetables you buy, you can save quite a bit on your monthly food bill. Who doesn’t love some extra cash?

3More energy.

vegetarian food energy

Good nutrition as a result of a balanced diet containing fruit and vegetables helps the body feel less lethargic. When you eat a fatty meal, you generally feel tired and sleepy. This is because when the fat enters your body, it can build up on your arteries and make you feel very heavy. Consuming veggies, on the other hand, means that your meal will be fat-free, which helps you avoid this feeling and give you the sustained energy you need throughout the day.


vegetarian health

This is pretty obvious, but studies show that vegetarians are able to ward off disease much betterĀ than their meat-eating counterparts. For example, a low-fat vegetarian diet prevents the chances of coronary artery disease and can slow down its progression. Consuming more fiber and antioxidants through veggies can help one maintain a much healthier body, even if you don’t like hitting the gym as often.

There are tons of other reasons vegetarians have it better–regular bowel movement, less toxins in the body, less risk of food-borne illnesses, and even kindness to animals, just to name a few. But even the promise of a small but remarkable change in your health is enough to switch to the greener side. Will you be trying out going veg soon?

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