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10 Of The Greatest Moments Of Jake Zyrus Formerly Charice

It’s been a social media flurry as once Charice Pempengco has come out and renamed herself, Jake Zyrus. We can list a few celebrities recently who have gone through a total change in identity, but this was still huge news. It could be because we live in a predominantly conservative country. Or it could be the fact that Jake (Charice) is popping hormone pills, and a woman-to-man transition is rare. But that’s not where this article is going. Whether you call her Charice or Jake, there’s one thing we can’t deny, she/he is talented as hell. Here are ten of the greatest moments of Jake Zyrus (Charice Pempengco).

1When she sang in a department store…like crazy

Once upon a time long, long ago, Charice had yet to be discovered. So she sang in a department store for free. If that were today, they’d probably owe her millions for sharing that kind of talent.

2When Charice had her first TV appearance

Super Junior had no idea that one day then Charice would be even more famous than them. Here, she belted out “And I’m Telling You” to Koreans, and somehow by fate, was discovered.

3When she came on the Ellen Degeneres Show

For everyone’s correction, it was Ellen who discovered then young and bubbly Charice online. Jake Zyrus has come a long way since this performance that amazed Ellen and US audiences. It paved the way for a very successful singing career.

4When Charice taught Oprah Winfrey how to sing

It was her international debut of sorts and she didn’t even blink. Charice pretty much seemed like she was used to the limelight already. A true star in the making!

5When she sang with David Foster and it blew us away

Not sure what year this is, but Oprah Winfrey did say she would help Charice by linking her to friend David Foster. Here she slayed “All By Myself,” a rendition of the classic from Whitney Houston at his concert. To date, this is one of her most viewed video performances.

6When her dream came true of singing with Celine Dion

It was more than Christmas Day for Charice when Celine Dion, one of her biggest fans, welcomed her onstage to sing “Because You Loved Me.” She dedicated the song to her mother and you can see at the end, they were both in tears. Even as Jake Zyrus, mommy Charice surely still loves her talented daughter.

7When Charice sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” at a Dodgers game

So many doors opened for fresh-to-the-scene Charice Pempengco! What an honor it must have been to sing the U.S. National Anthem for one of the biggest crowds in a Dodgers game!

8When she got her silver screen debut on Glee

Sunshine Corazon, Jake Zyrus now, first got her acting chops tested on the hit TV musical show Glee. She was a natural breaking out into tune next to Lea Michele on screen! The whole Philippines was for sure screaming, Go, Charice! Make us proud!

9When Charice (maybe) auditioned for Glee

Again, we’re not exactly sure on the timeline of this, but it seems like Charice was auditioning with a Beyonce song as her piece. There could be a connection to her singing “Listen” as her “audition piece” on the actual show, Glee. 

10When she came out with her first music video

To certify her stardom at the time, Charice came out with what became the huge hit, “Pyramid.” Featuring Iyaz, she firmly planted her feet in the industry with her own original songs. Until this day, Charice now Jake Zyrus, is still making waves with a beautiful voice and undeniable talent. So let’s give it a break and just enjoy the music, yeah?

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